Bloggers Wear: Galaxy Print...like outer space

"Bloggers Wear": Highlighting items that bloggers wear, how they wear them, and what they're thinking while they do. Today's edition: Galaxy printed stuff...like, that resemble stars and space and planets...

ivy-pink spider, tahti, thisisteamo, mary-kate fashion, so in caramel (above: hey nicole)

So like, remember those nerdy space kids in middle school? They ate packed lunches and carried weird figurines around in the pockets of their ill-fitting khakis...and wore black tshirts with obscure Star Wars references on them? Well that wasn't me, but like, I totally feel where they're coming from. I mean, I didn't feel them then, but like now? I'm so anti-conformity it's not even funny. Even all the girls I model with at American Apparel, they're all like - OMG, you're so weird sometimes!!

Why be like everybody else when you can be uniquely you?! I mean why wear like, leopard print or stripes? Everybody's doing that. *Shrug*, so I stand out from the crowd, so people think I'm nerdy...like, I'd rather be that than anything mainstream. I'm not like you, I'm not trying to be cool, I really couldn't care less about that. Like, I cut my own hair, that's how much I don't care. Sometimes I wear like orange eyeshadow or whatever cuz really whothefuckcares what people think of me? I'm like those guys in middle school...like, space stuff is nerdy but I don't care. Like I really don't care what people think...like...at all.

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Disclaimer: If you are a blogger who has been featured on this, or any Bloggers Wear any post, please know it is with respectful sarcasm that I post and poke fun at you and your garments. All is fair in love and blogging. Peace out.


was Daria just an animated My So-Called Life?

Warning: This post is totally 90's teen referential...totally 90's teen contextual...if you weren't watching Daria or My So-Called Life you won't get it. So feel free to admit that to yourself and stop reading now.

For the restayous...here's the question: Was Daria just an animated version of My So-Called life??!! Observe the little collage I put together:

Allow me to break it down:

Angsty misfits with a soft side. They don't care about the high school mainstream, but still sometimes find themselves secretly peaking at it from over the fence. Their moms both say dorky things to them like "a penny for your thoughts?", both have lame ass sisters, and both wear skirts with boots.
Weirdos...if Angela/Daria don't care about the high school mainstream, Rayanne/Jane loathe it. (It's worth mentioning here that Jane is also kind of Ricky, because she paints). They both wear lots of earrings, are loyal to a fault, and their moms are both major hippies.
All-American, jock-dating, everything that Angela/Daria are not. You think they're kind of air-headdy and shallow except for random times when they say something real and you're like omgyeah!
Hot. Suck at playing guitar but when they do it's hot anyway. Lean on things, lay on things, unattainable but continue to string us along...I mean them...Angela/Daria. 

(Angela voiceover voice): So I mean, ok, like - obviously they're not exactly the same. But like really...when you sit back and compaaare them, it's like...wow. It's like, sometiiimes, if you pay attention to something, like...in a new way, you'll start to get like...a brand new take on it that you never even knew existed.


an ode to Dr. Martens

Dear Dr. Martens,

Oh how I love you...I really do. I've loved you since I owned my first pair of original black 3-eye shoes in 1995, and I love you even more now for my pair of white 8-eye boots:

But listen, Dr. - I'm kind of having a problem. You see, though I've worn these white boots on and off for about 2 years, they continue to give me debilitating blisters every time. Let me show you some of the left over crusty blister blood:

(I think maybe the stain looks more impressive in real life?). So anyway, after visiting your store in SoHo a few days ago, I've decided my only recourse is to buy a new pair...made of canvas...these ones:

Thanks Doc, wish me luck...see you on the other side.


$3.99 outfit

Dress: Vintage (from a country western store in Oregon): $3
Belt: Vintage (Cole Haan): $0.99

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I'm being twirly because cheap vintage makes me happpy, duh.


come to me: Tangier Leopard Print Boots

I've always had an affinity for leopard print. It's true, say hello to wee-Mihal:

Yes, that's me and my mom (in pink undies)...proof that I've been up on this trend for a few decades now.

Anyway...leopard print. Don't ask me why, but I was recently perusing the Steve Madden site (I know, what?!) and came across these badboys:

Steve Madden Tangier Leopard Print Boots. Perfectly funk, perfectly rock n roll...also kind of perfectly former hippie mom circa 1987 (like mine).


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Tavi Talks Conventional Beauty Standards and the Privilege of Hotties 


Tavi Gevinson bewilders the heck out of me. The 15 year old fashionista and author of blog Style Rookie comes to us from another era. She's sassy, she's perceptive, she's irreverent and she's eloquent beyond her years. When she first rose to popularity there was some speculation as to whether or not she actually wrote her blog, because really...how could an 11 year old from the Midwest be so friggin precocious? Style-wise, eh, in my opinion she dresses like any other quirky teenager with supportive parents and access to a Salvation Army. But this girl can write...and she can think...and that, in combination with dressing like Kurt Cobain meets fairy princess meets Gramma Millie, well, that makes her remarkable. [...]

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F^&#in' Posers - Mihal x The Aveder Outfit

My good friend Cleon Grey photographed me for a piece on his (AMAZING) photoblog, The Aveder Outfit. It's a piece about posers. Noooo not poser posers, but posers...like people...who pose for pictures. He basically took the fact that I hate posing for/being in pictures and ran with it. Can't blame him though...and even though I can't staaaaaand seeing pics of myself (oh and there's a video on there too), I'm super honored to be featured. Click here to check it out (don't forget to watch my silly ass in the video along with my pal Du) - screen shots below:


Bloggers Wear: Neon

"Bloggers Wear": Highlighting items that bloggers wear, how they wear them, and what they're thinking while they do. Today's edition: neon clothing and accessories...specifically this particularly heinous shade of chartreuse neon.

she's under the spell, where did u get that, vashtie kola, andre judd, oracle fox (above: ruby tanjarine)

You know how people intentionally wear things that are widely acknowledged as hideous just to prove that they they're different and don't care what people think? Well, that's TOTALLY NOT me. Trust me, I ACTUALLY don't care. I don't care what's on the runways, I don't care what my friends wear, I don't care if you like my neon now, and I don't care if you liked my Day-Glo spandex dress in 1987.

Actually, what I'm wearing today is from 1987 too...it's vintage neon...so if you think I'm following some sort of current neon trend, you couldn't be more mistaken. By the time a trend catches speed, I'm already onto the next thing. I was raving while you were still listening to Jewel, while you were wearing bootleg jeans, I was cutting slits up the side of my pants to make bell bottoms. I drank bubble tea while you sipped hot chocolate, and when you were grown enough to move onto coffee, I was already onto coke. Yes that coke. I don't give a fuck about anything that most people think is necessary...convention doesn't apply to me and yeah, I'm loud about it. I blow my nose with paper towel, my dog's name is Cat, and Kirsten Dunst is my favorite actress.

Ok I'm done here, I've gotta re-apply my black lip liner before I go get my rollerblades flixed.

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Disclaimer: If you are a blogger who has been featured on this, or any Bloggers Wear any post, please know it is with respectful sarcasm that I post and poke fun at you and your garments. All is fair in love and blogging. Peace out.