aldo is doing something good...

Aldo is headed in a certain kind of direction for Spring/Summer 2011...and it pleases me:

I used to be a huge Aldo buyer but I think they fell off the past few years, simply copying every other brand everywhere. While they still might be copying, I'm happy with their variations this season. Weaving, printing, clashing, colors, neutrals...60's/70's. I'm not a heels girl - bad hip, tired back...bygones - but lord knows I can throw on (and throw down with!) a wedge. Ready for Spring, just gotta find me a sugar daddy. Check please!


Beyonce "Move Your Body" - WTF Girlfriend?!

I love Beyonce as much as the next person. The voice, the dance moves, the look - she's indisputably amazing. She recently made a video called "Move Your Body" (a remake of "Get Me Bodied") as part of Michelle Obama's initiative to keep kids from becoming big fat heifers.

Props to Michelle, props to Beyonce...but poops to the stylist!!! From the thighs up, this outfit looks like any other Beyonce gettup:

But waitaminute!!! Beyonce, wtf is happening south of your kneecaps?!

Need a closer look??!!!

What's the dealio B?! Is this your attempt at kid-friendalizing your typically scandalous song and dance? I can't handle it, and frankly I'm ashamed of both you and Mrs. Obama for stooping so low. I'm pleased that you're trying to get fat kids to move around a little bit, but you really think they'll respect you in that florescent knee-sock/booty combo?! Get it together.


it's photos like this that get me through the day...


these boots were made for walkin...

Some vintage shoe shopping has been happening.

Behold: black snakeskin badboys from the 70's...

...there have also been some vintage purchases that involve a white mesh shirt/dress and Harley Davidson paraphernalia among other things. At this rate, the quality and quantity of vintage finds may prevent me from ever returning to NYC.


STYLE ICON: Bianca Jagger

Recently my homegirl Sabel told me that I should feature Bianca Jagger on the bloggo because of our shared affection for menswear. Last night a fabulously gaudy old lady in the health food store asked me - with mouth agape and a super exaggerated exhale - if anybody has ever told me I look like Bianca Jagger. Pause...

Maybe it was that I was wearing a collared blouse buttoned all the way up...maybe it's our eyebrows, we do have very similar arches. Whatever it was, it's the best comparison I've ever gotten - definitely beats Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing. Pause again.

Back to Bianca: not only has she been uber political in various human rights movements, but yes, she was married to rock legend Mick Jagger. And her style??!! Her styyyyle. In her heyday she incorporated the best of menswear and also mixed it up with super bohemian flowy, furry, sequiny stuff. I'm so into it. So so very into it.


...and then there was the time I wrote about music.

Jump on over to Huffington Post and check out the piece I wrote about R&B...I know, what?

Jesse Boykins III & Mara Hruby...they just infiltrated my keyboard, what can I say. Click title for the full story: "R&B: Don't Call it a Comeback".


Deep Love for a Deep Detox

I recently concluded a 5-day cleanse...a detox juice cleanse...and it was amaaaaay-ziiing. No, it has nothing to do with style and this is mostly a style blog. But it does have to do with fashion - stuff that's in and stuff that's out - and juice cleansing is definitely in. I plan on doing several different cleansing/detoxing programs and reporting back to acquaint yall with what's out there - and I began with Organic Avenue's Love Deep Cleanse.

Jump on over to the Yahoo Health to read part one of the adventure...here.



I've never been one to show a lot of skin. Not into the short shorts (unless they're over tights), not into the cleavagy shirts (oh wait, my boobs aren't big enough anyway), and I've definitely never been one to bare my belly (all the power to those of you who do). Recently, however, I've been playing a lot of skin peek-a-boo with sheer fabrics - lace, chiffon, thin cotton, etc. Covering up with a bra and tights (and maybe really short shorts underneath) - but basically letting the rest of my fluorescently pale skin shine through in all its glory. Observe:

Ok obviously those are terrible examples of see-through pieces since I'm standing against a wall...but the black lace skirt is completely see-through, as is the red dress (I cut out the linings in both of them myself).

By the way, props to you bloggers who take incredible pics of yourselves with the self-timer (ahem Kadeem!). I obviously suck at it...so much so that I feel fully ashamed to make eye contact with my camera.

Anyway, while perusing the "coming soon" section of the American Apparel website I came across the Chiffon Long Dress...

Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of nipple in this pic - but distracting brown areola aside, I'm actually kind of...I think, sort of...yeah maybe a little into this dress...dress-thing. For what/where? Dunno. What would I wear under? Well, not a nude g-string - maybe a short black slip? I don't know why but I feel oddly affectionate for what this dress/nightgown thing is trying to do.