slit prayers: answered

Remember yesterday when I really wanted a slit dress? Well Zara has answered my prayers in their new lookbook for "evening":

Without being totally dramatic - it's everything I could have ever asked for. I mean, it's everything I did ask for!! Seriously Zara, I love you...now come to mamma.


Holy Slit!

Last week I found myself admiring some old Jessica Rabbit photos, which ultimately lead me to watching this:

Now aside from the fact that Ms. Rabbit is arguably the sexiest cartoon character ever, who manages to seduce real (aka non-cartoon) men, and who walks on her tippy-toes in seemingly zero pain, what I really can't get out of my mind is that slit.

The way it sways with her hips, how it fully reveals one leg while keeping the other completely covered...how has The Slit not become hugely popular yet?!

So of course I took it to eBay to see if anything popped up for me to snatch:

Ok whoa STOP. Definitely NOT what I had in mind. I want a casual dress, in a non-fussy, drapey material, that's modest everywhere but the slitted leg, and that I could potentially wear with something like combat boots and a leather jacket.

In 2009 I wrote about my quest for The Perfect Black Wedge - this was before they were mass produced by every single shoe brand alive. A year later - VOILA - they were everywhere. Maybe the same will happen with slits, and next year the casual but sexy slit dress will be as ubiquitous as the black wedge is now...

Maybe I should just start cutting my own slits just like I used to do up the sides of my pants in 1996 before flare pants existed? Maybe not. Hm...maybe though...



Last week at the hair salon I was flipping through a recent W Mag and came across a multiple-page spread, photographed by Mario Sorrenti, of Dakota Fanning and her sister. I stopped - transfixed - when I arrived at this image:

Platinum hair, white dresses, white background and black lips

Inspired, I embarked on an aggressive quest to find some black lipstick for myself. No, not super dark brown (which I have), not extra dark red (which I also have)...but BLACK...and matte. I searched far and wide, including digging deep in my memory for the most gothic-style brands of like, 1994: Hot Topic, Manic Panic, even Ricky's didn't have the proper stick.

So what'd I end up doing? I bought a black Stila Smudge Pot from Sephora - black gel eyeliner. It's matte, it's very black, it's smooth, AND I can also use it as an eyeliner! The results:


adventures in PR emails

Last week I got an email from A-list PR (who's that?) with an invite (kind of) to an Apple Bottoms Charity Fashion Show (the jeans?) - yes, the jeans. 

The show was to benefit Haiti (ok cool) and, at the same time, "EMPOWER women with curves & show them in a positive light" (what's that now?). Alright so maybe the mission statement needed a bit of work...whatever. Here's the promo pic in case you're curious:

There's more! If you want to attend the benefit as a "blogger", you can pay $15 (just half price!) and buy yourself the following:
  • Sit in our bloggers row/ VIP Row (value of $40)
  • Receive a gift bag of goodies from our sponsors
  • Join us on our RED CARPET
  • Get mentioned on our site and online press releases as a sponsor
  • Get mentioned on our twitter blast (we have over 20k followers)
  • and more...
So now rebuilding Haiti and empowering women are secondary, and it's all about getting to sit in the blogger row, receiving goodies and walking a red carpet...for just $15!! Oh wait, um...you also have to whore yourself out to the internet, any followers you have, and not put your phone down - even for a second - at the event. Here are the requirements.
  1. Blog about our event (you can feel free to copy & paste our press release) a PRE-POST
  2. Agree to tweet and update your statuses DURING the event
  3. Agree to have a phone capable of uploading pictures of the event DURING the event on twitter, FB, etc...
Dear A-list PR, 
You are trippin. 
Love, Mihal


GUESTofaGUEST says I'm a blogger...

Last week I was featured on the industry party/events site Guest of a Guest in an article called "The Fashionable Bloggers of NYC". Crazy to be featured alongside some of my favorite bloggers like Karen Blanchard, Leandra Medine, and my friendies Josh & Trav. Also weird to be put in the infamous blogger category...not sure the shoe fits, but kind of exciting nonetheless. Screenshots!

Anyway...that happened.


Are Dr. Martens Going the Way of the Bow Tie?

Bow Ties used to be the bomb. It used to be (yes, in my lifetime) that bow ties were only worn by a fringy subset of men: nerds, grandpas, Bill Nye the Science Guy, historians, tuba players, Pee Wee Herman...the nostalgics, the romantics, the weirdos...

Yet somewhere between Chuck Bass and the popularization of prep style, the bow tie became cool - it became expected - instantaneously eliminating all of the intrigue and charm it once possessed.

My current fear?

Dr. Martens, originally popularized by British punk culture in the 70's and 80's, then trekking overseas to American punk/grunge subculture in the 90's - I fear, are going the way of the bow tie. Footwear that was once loud and awkward and extreme, and a signature shoe of counterculture and irreverence, is now becoming ubiquitous amongst bloggers and streetstyle culture. They are no longer tough, but flirty. They can't be clunky when they're two-toned and classy!

Somebody save the Dr. Martens!! Whatever, that's not gonna happen. I suppose I'll have to wear mine until they become devoid of all original meaning, then store them for a decade or two and wait for the storm to pass. My condolences to all you former bow tie wearers weathering the same storm.



"Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" Line for H&M = Rick Owens on a Budget

H&M recently released images for their upcoming "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" themed line. I don't hate it...in fact, I kinda dig it. There's no denying, however, that the aesthetic is basically the poor-man's Rick Owens, one of my fav designers everrrrrrr.

Observe - H&M "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo":

images via

And various Rick Owens looks over the past several seasons:

images via

Will I boycott this line based on the painfully obvious kockoff factor? Hell naw...mamma needs a new pair of drop-crotch pants!


Bloggers Wear: Crushed Velvet

"Bloggers Wear": Highlighting items that bloggers wear, how they wear them, and what they're thinking while they do. Today's edition: the 90's alt-girl's favorite - Crushed Velvet.

 karls son emily, grace lander, velvet codeine, scandalishious, total recall vintage, (at top: vintage virgin)

When people talk about the 90's, like when they act nostalgic about the music or the fashion...I just like, can't deal. They bring up vague references to Nirvana - completely missing legendary bands like Smashing Pumpkins or Bush or The Cranberries. They think that plaid shirts tied around the waist like, ruled the 90's because they saw Angela Chase doing it. Uh, hello - babydoll dresses? Airwalks? Colorful animal barrettes? So anyway, like when it comes up in conversation I don't even bother caring about what these reckless assholes are talking about...because how could I even begin to describe my undying, totally sincere love for songs like Tonight, Tonight...or my profound idolization of Gwen Stefani in her blue hair and skirts-over-pants days...or of course, the close personal connection I have to crushed velvet.

I don't know anything about current trends or it-girls or the best parties or newest hot bands - as far as I'm concerned, youth culture died with the Y2K panic. I still listen to a discman and my 387 CD's are organized alphabetically and by genre. I still have my 5-inch platform raver boots from 8th grade, and the only things I buy off of eBay are wall tapestries and vintage tshirts that I foolishly donated when I went to college...and I'm pretty sure I'm just buying back the same exact ones for like 15 times the price.

To read more from the Bloggers Wear series, click HERE.

Disclaimer: If you are a blogger who has been featured on this, or any Bloggers Wear any post, please know it is with respectful sarcasm that I post and poke fun at you and your garments. All is fair in love and blogging. Peace out.