Model as Muse in the Flesh

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon in NYC, Dushane and I visited The Met to see the "Model as Muse" exhibit. Though we weren't allowed to take photos, I was on a mission...and I tried to sneak them in whenever possible (there are more photos that I didn't take in my previous post on the exhibit).

Though pretty small and short, the whole thing was really great in my humble opinion. It definitely sparked quite a bit of conversation between the two of us (but then again, what doesn't?). It explores models, designers and trends throughout the last 7 or 8 decades, and it's a totally multimedia presentation - photos, videos, music, and of course, mannequins draped in beautiful clothes. I'll try and let the photos speak for themselves:
The dress in the photo is the same on on display!

The amount of back issues they had of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar were pretty freakin astounding.

The 80's, House of Chanel - lots of gold and leather mixed with feminine silhouettes.

The 90's...Nirvana played on the speakers and there were photos galore of all of my fav 90's models - including, of course, my girlfriend Kate Moss.

Then we roamed around the rest of the museum...here are a few rando pics from that:
Dushane: "I'd totally have sex with a medieval chick."

Monet far away and close up...gotta say I love the dude.

Me making a disturbance. I call it: "Cartwheels Amid the Modern Art"

Dushane upon seeing the gigantic Mao painting: "Wowza...Maoza!"

Trying to get a pic of our Met pins.

So that's that. I encourage all of you to get over there and check it out for yourselves - I know my lack of photos leaves much to be desired - what can I say, those fuckers certainly run a tight "no photos" shift.

Hope yall had a great weekend. Oh and I'll give you a heads up now, I'm starting another freelance gig tomorrow for the summer so my posting will def be a bit more sporadic, but I'll do my best to stay consistent :).



White isn't the new black...but it's pretty damn good.

I bought a pretty white shirt yesterday. It's a Kimchi Blue tunic, and though I couldn't find an exact photo of it, it resembles this:
It's short sleeve and has a ribbon that ties around the back to create an empire waist. It has ruffles and buttons and it's a little see-through...it's totally ethereal and girly. But for some reason what I like about it more than anything is its interpretation of the white dress shirt.
This look is classic, it's crisp, it's light and summery, and anybody can (and should) wear it. Luckily, for those of us who tend to take a more funky approach, there are alternatives:
(ps. Yes, I realize I used the same 4 people for all of my examples - sorry but the Olsen twins, Erin Wasson and Kate Moss just work everything flawlessly).
From the blogs:
Fashiontoast, Childhood Flames, Femme Rationale

So there you have it. Who knows, maybe the white shirt will even be another solution for my summer problems. I'm feeling very good about the whole thing. Yes, wearing black is perfect to wear on most - if not all - occasions...but it's summer now, and we can't always be chic moody New Yorkers.



Summer footwear update

Yesterday after my summer post I started to get really concerned with my summer footwear selection. I wanted a flat slip-on sandal that could match everything and I could wear out to the point of destruction (read: make it through the 3 months of NYC summer). I didn't wanna be too sad when they died, so consequently I didn't wanna spend more than $30. For some reason that's much easier imagined than found.

So I accidentally wandered into Urban Outfitters and went shopping...and found these Macrame Leather Sandals:
I think they will suffice for now. Thanks for all your concern.



Oh summer how I resent thee...

I don't like summer weather. I know...gasp! What can I say, I'm a layering girl. I thrive in fall and early winter. Light jackets over cardigans over t's or tanks...pants or skirts/shorts with tights...boots...scarves...I'm just a sucker for the multi-layers.

In these past few warm summer days I've been finding myself extremely flustered. Dressing in the morning has become less of a pleasure and more of a daunting task. My closet is my enemy and shopping is disorienting. So what's a girl to do?? Summer in NYC is no joke. It's hot, it's humid...it's simply very sweaty and there can be no excess material. That really cuts down a person's options...I usually rotate the same collection of cutoffs, beaters, white v-necks, and the occasional random dress (I'm really not a fan of the more tradish halter or tube tops and skirts). So recently I've been scouring the blogosphere for ideas...themes...fashion concepts if you will. Here's what I've come up with:

1. Short flowy dress with chunky shoes:

2. Loose tanks (seen in the first pic on the right and the left), with cute visible bra or sans bra:

3. Little shorts with big tee's:

4. Rompers (duh, we already went over this):

5. High waisted skirts with simple tank:

6. Maxi dress:

That's what I've come up with for now. The other problem is that I hate summer shoes. I bought my first pair of flats a few weeks ago...my first pair ever...I'm still trying to figure out how to make them work. I've basically worn the same pair of open-toed flat sandals for the past 3 summers - each summer saying it's the last. I think last summer really was the last...though I still haven't thrown them out so chances are I'll wear them again. Other than that, I'm adamantly opposed to wearing rubber flip flops unless I'm on my way to get a pedicure, and I just can't get down with gladiators for the life of me.

So where does this leave me? Though I kind of feel like I can tackle the wardrobe, I'm still feeling truly uneasy about the footwear. And what's one without the other right? Good thing Coach works for every season ;-).



Fiddy and Bette in a New York Garden

LOL. Sorry I came across this photo and couldn't resist:

Rapper/"actor" 50 Cent, and singer/actress Bette Midler pose together at a fundraiser for the environmental charity New York Restoration Project. At first I thought to myself, damn...you really can't find a more opposing duo. But then I started looking at the lyrics to some of their songs, and really...50 Cent and Bette Midler basically write about the EXACT same things!! I mean, kind of. The wording is slightly different:


50 Cent: "Shorty you ain't gotta take ya panties off just pull em to the side, if you wanna ride on the roller coaster baby come on and ride [...] Suck that, lick that, swallow that lollipop. Forget that grip that, ride it nonstop."
Bette Midler: "How 'bout a little bit, a little bit of late night romance underneath the starry sky? [...] We could hide inside the rhythm 'til the morning finds us, share a little ecstasy. Yeah, we could hide inside the rhythm 'til the morning finds us."


50 Cent: "Ay yo I treat you like you need to be treated like you're special, tie your hands to the bedpost when I caress you. When I met you it was Guess and Gap, now it's Gucci and Prada, took you from being a nine to being a dime."
Bette Midler: "Why this feeling? Why this glow? Why the thrill when you say hello? It's a strange and tender magic you do. Mister Wonderful, that's you."

50 Cent: "I want the finer things in my life so I hustle. Ni**a you get in my way while I'm tryin get mine, and I'll buck you, I don't care who you run with, or where you from, ni**a fuck you!"
Bette Midler: "Fancy money doesn't buy my love, flashy Cadillacs won't make me fuck. I been hustled by the best of them, and you ain't nothing but a crazy man."

Maybe they are the perfect duo after all...the perfect combo of freaky and refined, hard and soft, troubled yet privileged. Ha, maybe not.



When more isn't necessarily better...

I'm a huge fan of leather jackets. They can be casual, dressed up - they're cool, edgy, always relevant and in style, and they can be matched with basically anything. Not to mention they're just friggin sexy.

When are they not edgy and sexy and in style? When they're LONG. I saw a woman in a long leather jacket on the train today and I thought to myself, "there's absolutely NO WAY a person can wear a knee or full-length leather jacket and not look like they just stepped out of The Matrix". Need proof? Observe:

I just can't shake it - all I can think of is Morpheus and neon green beams of light and things plugged into the back of heads.
That amount of leather is just totally overwhelming. It's like you're literally wearing a cow. Cut, process, drape. If you're going to wear that much leather I'd rather see you in a catsuit.
Otherwise, let's just stick to hip/waist length shall we? Here's leather jackets gone right:
WHOA...sorry I got a little carried away there. Leather jackets (when done right) are just so perfectly posh! Ugh...leathergasm.