The Style Blazer: Taking the Business out of the Jacket

The blazer is a staple. For men, for women, for business, and yes...for casual as well. If they're not yet part of your casual repertoire, I can say with complete confidence that not only are you missing out on a great fashion statement, but as soon as you learn to wear it in the right way - as soon as you embrace the nonchalance of it, the elegance, the sass, the irony, the smoothness and complexity of it - your style status shall be elevated higher than you ever thought possible. Stick with me dear readers, as I am about to open your eyes - and expose your closets - to the mystique that is the Style Blazer.

We are used to the idea of a blazer within a business context. For men it is usually worn with slacks, dress shoes, a button down shirt and a tie. For women we often find it paired with a nice blouse, heels, and either a skirt or slacks. Observe:
Now I would like you to erase this image from your mind completely. It's boring, it's predictable, it's what 90% of the office workforce is wearing...and it looks heinous. GOODBYE! Ok, now that this image is erased, please follow me on this mental journey and fill your head with more pleasant blazer-related thoughts. First I'll provide some images that I've compiled:
(click image to enlarge)

"How do they do this so flawlessly?" You might be asking yourself. "How do these people not look like they're going to sit at a desk in an office, but rather like they're going to sit front row at a runway show?" I will tell you.

Follow these guidelines when you wear your blazers for ultimate clothing harmony and ferociousness:

1) The Style Blazer shall NEVER be worn closed. It is open, it is relaxed, it allows the public to see what is underneath, and if there is a monsoon it will blow freely in the wind.
2) The Style Blazer most not be paired with plain/regular business slacks or a business skirt, or anything resembling the couple above. Cutoff shorts, high waisted pants, one pieces, bellbottoms, lycra miniskirts, cuffed pants with suspenders...heels, flats, high tops, orthopedic shoes, whatever! This is pleasure not business, please allow the Style Blazer some artistic breathing room for the magic to take place.
3) I demand that something to be different about this blazer. I don't care what it is. The buttons can be wooden, it can be bright pink, it can be satin, it can have patches, it can be seersucker or linen, it can have shoulderpads or have shoulder cutouts or have tassels hanging from the shoulders. Whatever it is I would like it to stand apart from other blazers in some way, even if it's only noticeable to you.
4) Experiment with size and tailoring. Long blazers and oversized blazers are huge right now on women (yeah pun intended, sue me). What does this mean? No, not that you go into your fat dad's closet, pull out his 56L jacket and slap it onto your size 6 frame. There are women's blazers specifically tailored to still fit a woman's body in the shoulders and sleeves - but they are extra roomy or long. For men, maybe try one that's tighter than you're used to. Man or woman, boy or girl, you shall find a Style Blazer that is well tailored and fits you like it's supposed to...there is no excuse for anything ill fitting or unflattering.
5) What goes underneath? Ah-HA...this is a good one. It is good because the idea is, that if you follow all the other rules, you can play with this one and try anything you want. Go super tight with a tube top or loosey goosey with and oversized vneck. Tuck the shirt in, wear it out, cut it up the center and tie it in a knot - plain, prints, loud or understated...just whatever you do MAKE SURE IT'S IN HARMONY WITH THE BLAZER. Sometimes the blazer can be the supporting actor, sometimes it's the star - so be clear about which it is when you're getting dressed, because nobody likes a fight for attention.

And with these 5 simple steps my friends, we have taken the business out of the blazer. Walk tall, for you now have the knowledge that many don't, and this is a lesson you can't get anywhere - not from reading Vogue or GQ, not from your sorority sisters or frat fools, and certainly not in the business casual section at H&M. Happy shopping, happy dressing...godspeed.


V Mag & Amber Valletta

Dear V Magazine and Amber Valletta,

How did you manage to combine all of the trends I love, with a model I love, in a magazine that I love? It makes me love you both even more...and for that I thank you.

Exaggerated shoulders!
White floppy tshirt!
Super duper skinny skinnies!
Denim shirts! Denim vests!
A model smoking a cigarette!
Tucked in shirts!
Looong tailored blazer!

You've done me real right V, captured just what I love and think about daily.




The thing about leopard print...

Recently I wrote about my adoration for (obsession with) leopard print. I put panels of leopard print silk on my walls and printed it on my business cards...I'm truly falling hard. But to really delve into my innermost feelings about it, I find it necessary to tell you a bit about my past.

My relationship with the pattern began when I was about 3 or 4 years old and lasted until I was about 11. I had a brief leopard print (which shall henceforth be referred to as LP) hiatus in middle school...then the flame re-ignited somewhere around junior or senior year of high school. During those first 7 or 8 years, my LP wardrobe took on various forms. Sometimes it was in the form of an actual leopard costume (a spandex ensemble replete with a tail and a hood with ears), sometimes it was a shirt, and sometimes it was leggings...or shorts...which were actually just the cut up leggings once they got holes in the knees. In my high school years the LP took the form of mini skirts and bell bottoms (yeah you read that right).
This leads me to now. I have the panels on the wall, I have the business cards, but my feelings have changed about LP in the wardrobe. I recently visited my family at home in Oregon and partook in some MAJOR vintage shopping. I'm sure you can imagine the leopard print treasures I found - fur coats, blazers, flowy skirts, blouses - picture it in your head and it was there. At first it was exciting because recently I've been thinking about (obsessing over) this print more than usual. But as I picked each item up, held it in front of me and analyzed, I couldn't picture myself wearing it for the life of me! It looked trashy and awkward and cheap and...animal like - like, not human - like, I was actually a leopard. My distaste for the LP shocked me at first and kind of made me upset. I'm sorry if it's making you upset too. You'll get over it. Because I have. Once I stopped trying to make sense of it, I started feeling more ok about it. I love leopard print as a design concept...as a theme...as a mood and an inspiration. As a blazer? As a leotard? Pass.
OHBUTWAIT. I'm still VERY ok with leopard print on shoes:

I can't explain that either. Shoe leopard print remains fierce regardless of time or trend. Kinda like black leather. It's sexy, it's tough, it's animal. Rawr.

How does everybody else feel about leopard print? Have you found a way to make it work in your wardrobe? Do tell.



Images on the Brain

Yeah I know you've heard it before. I keep saying how busy I am and I have no time to write and as soon as I finish this movie I'm working on I'll have all kinds of time to write.


The company is keeping me on for another movie, so the sporadic and probably pretty unsatisfying posts will most likely continue through January. So since there is so much on my mind and so little time to write, I think images will have to suffice for now. Things I've been thinking about, things I've been up to, things I wish I were up to...a mishmosh.

Read into it what you will...you're probably right if you know me at all. If you don't, there's a good chance you're right anyway :). I'm working all weekend but I'm going to try and get some writing time in...maybe I'll expound on some of the images.