Sex and the City 2: More Sex, Hotter Sex, Your Sex

Living in NYC certainly has its perks. Yes, it's more expensive than God can afford, 75% of enclosed public areas smell like urine and if you're a city driver you might as well resign yourself to parking in Stratford...but trust me, living here is better than not living here. Here is why:

For one, the food. All kinds, any time, anywhere. Greek, Ethiopian, Colombian. Cheap, gourmet, your way, their way, any way.

Second, the fashion. Yeah ok, I heard the rumors, we're no longer #1 in the worldwide style poll whatever. Eff that, we are.

Third, unless you live in a cave (read: really far out in Queens) everybody always knows somebody who knows somebody famous - making everybody practically famous themselves. One of my friends is friends with Anne Hathaway, for example.

Fourth...well actually I'm going to go back to number three, because for all purposes of this post, this is the only one that matters. Most of the time, I'm hustling - I wanna be better, I wanna be sassier, I want really expensive shoes on sale - but today and today only, I'm here to help you. How can I help you, you ask? I'm here for you to be that person who knows somebody who knows somebody famous and get you THISMUCHCLOSER to fabulousness.
Sex and the City 2 - the second SATC movie - is having an open call for extras. They're looking for fashion models, celebrity types, upscale socialites, fashionistas, urban club goers, gays and lesbians, international types (Middle Eastern, Arabic, Asian, European, British), and professional soccer players, among many more. If you're just really really hot or have really really great wardrobe, that will do as well. WHERE AND WHEN?

Open Call:
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
between 6th & 7th Avenues.

SAG (Union): 10am- 12:30pm
NON-SAG (Non-Union): 1:30pm-4:00pm

If you can't attend the open call, email a recent picture and contact info to: sexandthecity2@gwcnyc.com.
If you're not excited I'm just really not sure how to please you. This is the time, my fabulous New Yorkers (and folks from surrounding areas). Time to shine, time to look your best...time for Sex.


Business Palazzos

Palazzo Pants:
I remember when these became popular. Yes, to some they have been around for years - dancers, yogis and relaxers everywhere partook in the soft fabric and movable design. But to the rest of us, these "pants" became popular (read: Forever 21 type stores started selling them) in the summer of 2003. I bought a pair...perfect for summers in NYC, lounging around dorms in Connecticut, and they pack up so teeny for trips home to Oregon. They can be worn all over the country...all over the world even.

I want to be very specific, however, regarding the occasions they can be worn:
Yoga or other physical activity? Yes.
PJ's? Yes.
I'm even going to say yes to the beach.

Was the woman who I saw on the train on her way to work being appropriate when she decided to pair the palazzos with a collared button up and kitten heels?
Wrong. Terrible. She looses.

I have nothing left to say. It's too painful and the memory is making me nauseas.



When life gets in the way...

I know. I'm a neglectful heifer. Unfortunately I've been working really long hours and have had next to no time for creativity. Sound familiar? Here are some updates for anybody who cares:

1- I've been thinking about wearing a crystal around my neck.
In my hippie days I used to wear a purple one. It's very earth mother and kumbaya, but something about it appeals to me. I know...WHAT?! I dunno, it's just how I feel, there's no explanation.
2- I started blogging for the style section of the Huffington Post. You can see my profile HERE. As of now, the posts that I've put up there are ones that have already been on this blog. Since I have no time to write new ones, I figured I'd catch the rest of the world up with my already wise SND readers.
3- I put leopard print silk squares on my wall, and I'm consequently having a leopard print obsession. It might end soon, or it might be here for a long time...I'm not gonna lie though, the thought of getting a leopard spots tattoo did cross my mind. Oh and yes, I just ordered business cards with leopard print on them. Yikes.
4- I'm going to a wedding in August and I've been trying to find a dress for a few months. I ended up settling for one I found at H&M (first time I had shopped there in maybe a year), but then this past weekend I went to Salvation Army and found a lovely red vintage dress for $12. It was designed for my body, like literally sewn onto it:
This photo isn't close enough to see, but the way it wraps, the buttons, the belt...all perfectly detailed. I'm kind of stressing about the shoes. For some reason I can't get over the idea of black patent peep-toes:
I've gotta stop. I don't need new shoes. Yes I do...no I...YES I DO. Sigh.

So that's where we stand. This movie I'm working on is over at the end of August, so I anticipate the posting to get more regular and frequent at that point. I know you're waiting with baited breath...



Goodwill Toward Man: 5 tips for thrift store shopping

Not too long ago I was on the phone with my crazy Grandma Gwen. As I'm sure many old folk do from time to time, she was reflecting on her life and the impact she has had on her friends, her children and her grandchildren. The list was short albeit significant:

"I never judged your mother growing up. I might have been crazy but I was always supportive," she asserted with pride.
"I know gramma, mom always mentions that as something she really appreciates about you."
"What about you Mihally? What have I taught you? Hmmm...well I taught you about good will!" she exclaimed enthusiastically.
"What do you mean?" I asked. "Like, good will toward Man?"
"Hahahaha no honey, I HATE people! I mean I taught you how to shop at Goodwill!"

That she did.

It's fair to say that in this rough economic time, thrift shopping is being encouraged now more than ever - articles upon articles encouraging the average American to spend less and save more. Here's the problem though: the average department-store-minded American can't really handle thrift store shopping. It's overwhelming...it's a labor of love...it's dirty and kind of exhausting. What's more is, according to my Google search (the only thing I base anything on anymore) there are no good guidelines out there for people to follow if they're interested in the Great [Thrifted] Unknown. So on that note I bring you my good will toward Man:

Mihal's 5 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping:
1) Grocery Lists: This one depends on how visual and fashion-minded you are. Many times it can help to make a list of specific items you want - a green cardigan, a pinstriped blazer, a slutty lacey tank top, etc. etc. No need to get too specific, "leather jacket" would suffice, but the more directed you are the better. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the disorganization and the colors and the smells.

2) Be realistic: Some things are better new and worth spending the moolah on. Anything that shows its age, stretches, fades, or morphs in any way should be avoided (unless that's the look you're going for, which I have been known to do). Things I prefer to buy new: jeans, heels, running shoes (those get thrown out for a reason) and anything white. Oh, and it should go without saying, but undergarments as well.

3) Examine examine examine: People get rid of things for a reason. Sometimes it's as simple as clearing out a closet to make space for new clothes (me, every 3 months), or getting rid of anything that's out of style (me, not often enough). Others, however, might have more practical reasons like holes, rips, alterations gone wrong, stains or a host of other unfavorable flaws. If you like something, examine it well. If it checks out, please go home and wash it before you wear it.

4) Let that imagination run wild: Since you're spending $10 on a shirt instead of $50, don't be afraid to buy things with the intention of making them different. I, personally, am quite scissor happy and cut everything I don't like into something else. Sometimes it has gotten me in to trouble, but for the most part I have been pleased. A more traditional approach would be to buy a long dress that you can have tailored into a mini, or a blazer that needs taking in at the waist or shortening of the sleeves. Channel your inner project runway contestant and have a little faith in your artistic ability.

5) Don't give up: Aaliyah must have been singing about thrift shopping when she said "if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again." This ain't Macy's people...thrift stores don't replenish when they run out of stock and there's no way of ever predicting what they will have. If you don't find what you want the first time, go back next week...and the week after that. It's the price you have to pay for looking good on the cheap, stop whining.

Like Grandma Gwen, I, too, hate most people. However, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to pay it forward. I'll consider it my good will toward man for the year.

Go forth and conquer...happy browsing.



Boy Hair, Girl Outfit

I've been wearing my hair in an updo recently - it's kind of a mohawk-ish coiff seen HERE in a previous post. And while it has a bit of femininity to it (esp when I add big earrings), it's mostly pretty masculine. So I've been toying with the idea of dressing super feminine to balance out the whole thing...frilliness, lace, dresses, light summery colors...you get the point. Observe:

Rihanna, Karla's Closet, Kate Moss back in the day, Amber Rose, crazy rocker chick, Aggy Deyn, Natalie Portman

As soon as I started searching celebs I actually found a TON who have mastered this - Sienna Miller, Kiera Knightly, and of course Halle Berry were among them. I'm kind of excited - though unfortunately (or fortunately, I can't decide) for me I mostly dress like a boy, so this means I'm going to have to buy a lot of new clothes. Places like F21 seem perfect for this, however I'm totally turned off by that place right now - I went in there the other day and almost went blind from all the colors and cheap fabrics. Any suggestions of stores to find cute, cheap (but not cheap LOOKING) girlie things? I might just have to go vintage here.



The thing about skirts...

Yesterday I had a beautiful Astoria brunch with my pals Sabel and Chris. Dining with possibly 2 of the most stylish people in the neighborhood, the conversation inevitably turned to fashion. Studs and metal work, man tank tops, colorful sunglasses, high waisted shorts, accessories, and...SKIRTS. Growing up, skirts were a summer staple (in the winter they were too...over pants. I know, I don't wanna talk about it). Plaid skirts, denim skirts, cargo skirts - long, short, knee length skirts - worn with tank tops, halter tops and tube tops...you know the look.
and no thank you.

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but I'm gonna say sometime around 2003, my sense of style started changing and skirts disappeared 100% from my wardrobe. And now that summer is upon us once again, and I find myself wearing the same outfits every day (DAMN SUMMER CLOTHES), I feel as though I'm at a loss and missing out on a whole plethora of outfit possibilities.

I just don't know how to wear skirts. I don't know what to wear them with and I don't know what kinds look good on me. I'd much rather wear shorts or pants or a dress. So, being the truly inquisitive style detective that I am, I began scouring the blogs and runways and online stores for cute looks involving skirts. This is what I found:
Alexander Wang, Cocorosa, Karla's Closet, F21

Ok...I have no choice but to stop here. I looked far and wide - Google searches, fashion blog scrolling, and I devoured style.com. Seems other people aren't really wearing skirts either. The bloggers are all wearing dresses for summer, the runway skirts are all over-the-top and poofy, and the online store looks are all super cheesy.

Aaand I find myself pretty much at square one - still having a really tough time with skirts. The only positive conclusion that I've come to is that I think I might be able to wear them high waisted, with shirts tucked into them. The rules are obviously different with tall skinny girls who have 7 foot long legs and whose thighs don't touch - they can pull them off any way they so choose:
So, my conclusion? I still don't really know what to do with skirts. I still don't like summer wardrobe options. I will continue to wear the same outfits every day for the next 2 months and hope that summer doesn't extend longer into Fall months - because I love fall...my wardrobe thrives in Fall.

That's all.