Business Palazzos

Palazzo Pants:
I remember when these became popular. Yes, to some they have been around for years - dancers, yogis and relaxers everywhere partook in the soft fabric and movable design. But to the rest of us, these "pants" became popular (read: Forever 21 type stores started selling them) in the summer of 2003. I bought a pair...perfect for summers in NYC, lounging around dorms in Connecticut, and they pack up so teeny for trips home to Oregon. They can be worn all over the country...all over the world even.

I want to be very specific, however, regarding the occasions they can be worn:
Yoga or other physical activity? Yes.
PJ's? Yes.
I'm even going to say yes to the beach.

Was the woman who I saw on the train on her way to work being appropriate when she decided to pair the palazzos with a collared button up and kitten heels?
Wrong. Terrible. She looses.

I have nothing left to say. It's too painful and the memory is making me nauseas.


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