Halle Berry, why don't you stick to acting...

Yes, it's indisputable that Halle Berry is freakin beautiful. The cheakbones! The flawless skin! The body! Plus, she's got quite a bit of talent.

Homegirl can act (skip to 0:34):

Hahaha, I mean yes, I could have put something, anything else...but I do love that cameo.

Homegirl can give a speech (I couldn't embed it, wtf?):

Homegirl can sell candy (and makeup, but that goes without saying):

But damn, I got home today, turned on Ellen, and this is what came on:

Who would have thunk...Halle Berry can't dance. At various points it's more than slightly reminiscent of the Elaine dance...no?!

I mean I'm no Alvin Ailey, but I know good dancing when I see it, and I know bad dancing. So Halle Berry has a flaw - I knew it could be found eventually. You're welcome!

Your critical friend,



It don't matter if you're black or...nude.

I did it...I had to...I just couldn't stop obsessing. And they were 2 for $20!! Which means $10 each, and I reasoned that I'd DEFINITELY wear each one 3-4 times (confused? see the $3 Rule Post). So I did it. One in black:
And one in nude:
You can't really make it out the lace design on the nude ones in the photo - I just look super pale, so here's a close-up:
So anywho, that's what I did - it's a good thing and I feel really good about it. Shrug, happy Saturday.



Monkey See, Monkey Stud

Sigh, I try as much as possible not to jock other peoples' styles...but damn I just couldn't help myself with this one:

As seen on Jak & Jil, model/photographer Hanneli Mustaparta is donning a pair of studded Bess jeans.
I couldn't resist ripping up my semi-new (like only worn like twice) Uniqlo jeans and attempting the look myself:
The silver cone studs were replaced with round, flat coin-like studs, but the sentiment is the same and hopefully it'll be less painful to sit on these ones (you happy now Du??!!).

I mean really, don't studs just make everything a little bit sassier?
Images from Fashion Indie

That's really all there is. My name is Mihal and I'm a copycat stud whore.



A few of the things I 'prece...

With a job that takes up all your time, life can sometimes become...
You fit things in where you can, when you can - the gym, catching up with friends, eating real meals, relaxing, hell...even thinking - real thinking. Thoughts become less stream of consciousness and more flashing images, because your mind is only allowed to wander when you have time to let it.

You're eating lunch and you think to yourself, damn, I love avocados, I wish there were some in my salad. Avocados are the best...RING RIIIING - thought interrupted.

Then you're responding to an email and you get a gchat from your friend - he tells you a story, you have a giggle (or an "lol", if you will), then realize oops, I was doing something important - moment with friend is paused with a "brb".

You get what I mean? Nothing seems continuous or natural or...hang on somebody's at the door.
So anyway I've been having some fragmented thoughts, and I'm gonna share with you some of the things I've been thinking about that I really 'prece...in no order of importance.

#1 - I have never...I repeat NEVER seen a photo of Gwen Stefani with roots.
Dunno how she does it. And I'm not sure I want to know. I'd like to think she has an assistant with her at all times with a little squeezy bottle of bleach...ready at a moment's notice for a touch up. Moving on...

#2 - That show Singled Out...Jenny McCarthy was a wackadoodle and I loved it. I wish so badly that show was in syndication.

I mean no, you just can't say anything bad about that show. It's perfectly 90's and beats any reality show on today. Yes it lost a little steam when Carmen Electra took Jenny's place, but I'm not even mad at that.

Finally #3 - I'm really truly down with these lace tights that I'm starting to see everywhere:
How can something be so skanky and so sophisticated all at the same time? I have no idea, but I want it now.

I suppose that's it for now. It's fitting, really, because I have work to attend to before I get my ass in bed. Until next time people...good luck with your day jobs, try not to lose too many of your own thoughts.



The $3 Rule

Yesterday while walking around the city in my $300 boots (that I only paid $150 for) I had a thought. I constantly want to buy things - clothing, shoes, accessories - but sometimes it's hard to know when to splurge, when to put the wallet away, and when it's ok to just buy little weird cheapy things. "There should be a mathematical approach to this," I thought to myself, "something logical, something rational, something that won't allow me to buy a faux fur jacket that I'll probably only wear once just because it's only $14." Let's see, what are the things people (read: New Yorkers) spend money on daily and don't blink an eye about:
Fancy coffee drinks from Starbucks (My personal fav: Grande Soy Latte) : Approx $4.50

Single ride Metro Card (for tourists mostly but whatever): $2

Bottle of water: $1
Unless you're in a touristy area like Times Square or Central Park: $2

Booze: $5-$50 in one night.
Ok maybe not daily, but definitely often...probably most weekends.

The point here is, all of these things are consumed once, never to be seen again. So that brings us back to my thought yesterday, as I was walking the streets of NYC in my $300 boots (that I only paid $150 for): How much is one wear of an article of clothing worth? (Note: This includes shoes and accessories). After a few minutes of pondering I settled on $3. So this is where the math/logic/reason comes in.

x = C / T
(where C is cost, T is times of wear, and x should equal roughly $3)

So...assuming I paid full price for my boots, if I wear them at least 100 times, I have gotten my money's worth. If you're at Goodwill and you see a fantastically ugly shirt that you know you can't possibly wear more than once or twice, it damn well better be between $3-$6. Should I have bought that $14 faux fur jacket? Would I have worn it 4-5 times? Hmmm, that's a tough one. That Amy Winehouse wig I bought for $30 for Halloween...definitely not a good investment, unless I plan on being Amy for the next 10 years until I'm 35.
(Amy Winehouse)
Mihal as Amy Winehouse

Eek. Catch my drift? I knew you would. The $3 Rule (patent pending...well no it's not but don't steal my shit) seems to have no holes. It totally supports the high/low theory and it totally supports the idea of spending more on "classic" pieces. It's great for people on a budget who love quality pieces. Would love to hear your thoughts...



Phillip Lim meets Christian Louboutin

K I lied, no real time to think and write this weekend. I've been working non-stop yesterday and today (with the exception of brunch with the bestie)...so this one's gonna be short.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep and flipping through my Nylon magazine, I found these Louboutins in an editorial spread and haven't been able to think about anything since:
I woke up this morning with Louboutin on the brain, and after working for a few hours I decided to indulge in a little web browsing. Turns out Louboutin joined forces with Phillip Lim for his Spring 2009 collection. I can almost hear Louboutin fans everywhere sighing a collective "omg" from all corners of the world. Ruffles and python and patent oh my!!

Well that's my shoegasm for the day.

Speaking of shoegasms, thank you all for your blister concern (from the Fryes), they cleared up and now I'm walking tall and comfortably :).



Brain Blue Balls

Hello!!! I suck.

I haven't posted in way too long. This time, though, I actually have an excuse. I'm doing a little freelance gig and been working craaaazy hours. It's terrible and I love it...and it makes me very tired and energetic all at the same time. But I miss writing horribly.

I think about new things to write about everyday and the creative juices just keep building and building and building...it's like blue balls for the brain.

So bear with me...I'm as horribly tortured not writing as you are not reading. Well, maybe you're not feeling tortured, but I know you miss me at least a little. Here's the best part...when I google imaged "I suck" this is what came up:
Ps remember what I said about message t's? I maintain. Jeeeez.

I'll be back as soon as I can, the weekend is looking promising, though I may or may not have to work on Saturday.



Message T's Be Gone!

Public Memo

To: Readers
From: Mihal Freinquel of Snaps and Daps

Re: Message T-Shirts

Dear Readers,
I would like to state on record that I believe message t's should henceforth be confined exclusively to Delia*s catalogs. Well actually, I recently found out that they have stores now too which I think is wrong - in my day Delia*s was catalog-purchase only which I think added to the excitement of buying...but whatever. Ok so I'll rephrase: Since the teenyboppers of America have ushered Delia*s into your local malls and mine, the only place message t's belong are Delia*s catalogs and malls.
Message t's, for those of you living in a cave, are shirts with sayings or words or jokes on them. I'm going to assume that the people who wear them usually consider the messages to be funny, sassy, sexy, dirty or cute - and by association, think they themselves are as well. Observe:

Why do I believe so strongly that people should not do the message t's? Because they're effing lame!!! Get yourself a message t-shirt that says "I'm SO effing lame for wearing this" and maybe...maaaaaybe I'll crack a smile. But otherwise I think the shirt has the total opposite effect that it's supposed have. A bright orange shirt with a dictionary holding up a peace sign and saying "Word!" doesn't make you look clever or cute or funny. By the same token, the "What Girlfriend?" tshirt doesn't make you look like a player, it makes you look like a tool who has never gotten laid. Catch my drift?
I mean...really.

If you own anything like this, spare us all and get rid of it. And by get rid of it, I don't mean donate it (god forbid message t's should circulate to even more people), I mean throw that shit away! While you're at it, if you're above mmmm 13 years old, get rid of anything with a muppet, any kind of candy or soft drink, or inanimate objects that are brought to life with eyes or a smiley face or a stick figure body (ie books, bread, bottles of milk, see above).

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to seeing you in grown people tops.

The Management



Snaps To: Femme Rationale

We at Snaps and Daps have embarked on a new venture...the interview. And what better place to start than with Nina from Femme Rationale?! This girl is sassy. Feminine yet edgy, the perfect combo of vintage and trendy - I've been following her blog for a while and I always look forward to her outfits...and her perfect hair.

1. Tell me about you!
My name is Nina and I’m a soon to be 30 year old (in April) currently living in Los Angeles, CA, working as a freelance designer, merchandiser, and stylist in the fashion industry. Besides fashion, I’m completely addicted to cooking shows and food blogs & forums. I also visit photography and interior design/arts & crafts sites.

2. Why/when did you start the blog?
I started Femme Rationale last Fall as an outlet other than work for my fashion obsession.
3. What are the 2 ugliest things in your closet? 2 most fabulous things?
Two ugliest: One would definitely have to be my Uggs. But in my defense, I only wear them around the house. The 2nd thing would be my fiance’s (aka FM) UC Santa Barbara sweater I “borrowed”. It’s so old and ratty but it’s super soft and warm. Two fabulous: My sapphire and diamond engagement ring and my vintage gold Breitling watch that belonged to FM’s mother.

4. What distinguishes your style from everybody else’s?
I honestly don’t think my style is so unique that it’s distinguishable. But if I had to say, I guess you’ll never catch me in rubber flip flops or track suits? (living in LA, these are actually a wardrobe staple for most)
5. What’s the most you’ve ever spent on an article of clothing (or shoes/accessories, etc.)? What was it?
That would have to be any one of my designer bags. Let’s just say it was a big chunk out of my bank account.

6. Best fashion advice you ever got?
Crack is whack.

7. Heels or flats?
Heels – the higher the better. And if my friends deem them “hooker heels”, then I know I did well.
8. What’s your favorite “getting ready” music?
Depends…if I’m gonna be out partying, then it’ll have to be my collection of mash-ups that different dj’s have put together. If it’s a nice dinner date w/FM, then some Sinatra is definitely in order.

9. Fill in the blanks:
"Oh hell no, I'd never wear __Aqua Net__ again! That’s soooo __20__ years ago”

10. What’s your biggest regular beauty indulgence?
11. Until what age do you think it’s appropriate to wear shirts that show a significant amount of cleve? And as a follow up, do you think it’s ever appropriate to show nipple under a sheer top (catwalks not included)?
I don’t think there’s an age limit, per se. Look at Susan Sarandon and Helen Mirren – both fabulous and both sexy. I think as long as it’s tastefully done. But then again, I’m from LA so my perspective might be a bit skewed. As for nipple action…I wouldn’t be comfortable exposing myself like that but if you’re ok with it, why not. To each their own.

12. How long should you keep something you love – but never wear – before you get rid of it?
I’m the wrong person to ask. I rarely throw anything out. I have a separate closet that’s only for my “archives”. I’ll pack and store things cuz I know at some point I’ll come back to it.

13. What are 3 adjectives that describe your personality?
Rational, independent, introverted
14. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Jack Nicholson, Mickey Rourke, Jay Leno.
Kill Leno (I’m a Letterman fan), marry Jack, f*** Rourke circa 1986 when he did 9 ½ Weeks.

15. What sets your blog apart from all the other fashion blogs out there?
It’s run by me. ☺

Well that's it, people...if you're a blogger and you'd be interested in getting featured on SND, email me your site, I'd love to take a look...I absolutely adore getting to know other bloggers. Until then, go on over to Femme Rationale, show Nina some love, and explore the site - there are MANY pictures I didn't post that are worth your coveting!