Forever Tina Fringe Boots

Let's talk about this. I'm open to discussion because sometimes a girl just doesn't know on her own. Moreover, sometimes fresh 'n' fly walks a fine line between fug and fab. Model Chanel Iman recently appeared on Tyra (YES, I watch it from time to time...don't judge me) in the following outfit:

That little blue number is by KLS Kimora Lee Simmons and the boots by Christian Louboutin. You can't really make out the footwear in this pic so here's another one:

And also here's a link to them on the Bergdorf site (for a cool $1,575). Yes, Chanel Iman is stunning, so she could make a seashell bra and hula skirt look runway worthy, but I don't know, I'm kinda feeling these boots. And in the spirit of William Rast, I'm becoming more and more open to the idea of fringe...

In moderation, of course...

Hmmmm...cough, cough.

Of course I'm ALWAYS open to the idea of the coveted red soles of Christian Louboutin, which might be swaying my perception a bit?

All opinions welcome. Louboufierce or Louboulame?



I Am William Rast

Aaaahhh fashion week in NYC. While I'm normally pretty much a gramma...staying in watching "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery, going out to dinner occasionally, shopping, and spinning...last night I kicked up my heels (actually I was wearing moccasins) at the William Rast fashion show.

The new line by Justin Timberlake and his partner Trace Ayala - the clothes were rugged and sexy, the music was country rock, and the set/hospitality/venue was on point (HOLLER MKG PRODUCTIONS) - rustic southern scene meets urban city fashion meets...Erin Wasson swagger? (Wasson was there by the way and she looked a-maaazing). A series of promo videos featuring JT and EW were created for the line - here is a compilation of all of them:

Pretty fiery.

Let me say this though, the line, in my opinion...not-so-vaguely reminiscent of Alexander Wang's Spring 2008 RTW line. Roughed up denim shorts, basics in neutral tones up top, and a kind of layered sloppy-chic look. Yes, WR has stompy boots and plaid and lots of fringe, where as AW's S2008RTW line stuck to flats, flowy light silky materials, and few embellishments. But the denim, the leather, the fit, the colors...I'm sorry was I the only one seeing this? Let's do a little comparison:


William Rast

In both looks we've got an oversized blazer, denim cut offs, and a plain(ish) top. Accessorized differently, of course.


William Rast

Ok the materials are different, but c'mon...


William Rast

OK I'm not gonna go look by look, but if you'd like to do a comparison for yourself, here is Wang's line, and here's William Rast.


Reminiscent or not, the show was dope nonetheless folks. It brought me out of the house, into fashion week. The glitz, the glamor, the weathered benches and canned beer in buckets...I'm not a nobody!

I'm not a gramma!

I am William Rast.



Palin...Why you Actin Diagonal?!

Something Snaps and Daps has never done, we're featuring a guest writer. He's coming out with his own political blog soon (we'll keep you updated) and we wanted to get the first peek.

Here we are...Americans, living through a historical time when, for the first time in eight years, there is hope. There is excitement among young and old voters, Democrats, Independents, even a few discouraged Republicans. There could be a President in the White House who, despite all evidence to the contrary, believes that we ARE better than the last eight years and we CAN change. I wouldn't go so far as to say we are struttin' to the victory, but we have a nice confident stroll. Suddenly...


Stuck behind a woman in a nylon track suit with "Alaskan Hockey Moms Rule" stitched on the back. If ever there were a diagonal ass walking person impeding the positive flow of things, it's Sarah Palin.

When the news first broke that McCain had chosen Palin to be his running mate, I shared a collective HUH? with the rest of the America. I've heard of shotgun Vegas weddings planned with closer foresight! Then of course the questions started coming: Who is she? What are her policies? How many unwed preggo teenage daughters does she have? What does a mooseburger taste like? But the more answers we got, I wasn't so much thinking, Huh?, as I was "WHAT THE F@#$!!" But just to be fair I am going to hold off on my review of mooseburgers till I have one myself.

I trust that SND readers are well informed so I don't think I need to totally rehash her exploits. None of her diagonalities, however, compare to the zig zagging she did during that highly acclaimed, "Speech to Nowhere". What I noticed when watching this speech - beyond the depressingly non-diverse crowd (they couldn't pay some brown people to stand around?), Palin's youngest daughter giving her new brother the spit slick back, and Cindy McCain's $300k outfit - was that this speech was a well-spoken, bitter, sarcastic, juvenile, lie-filled Diagonal Extravaganza. It was so shocking and upsetting I literally had nightmares. It was like that scene out of The Witches where all the witches are in that room and they pull off their wigs and masks and they are all freaky scary (great movie, you should see it). In all fairness, Palin is not technically a witch, I just happen to dream of witches when I hear her speak.

In case you live in a bubble and missed it, here is a quick rundown:

* She mocked Obama's history as a community organizer. From where I stand, community organizers are the hard working under-paid under-recognized men and women who keep our country together, and I doubt they took to kindly to a room of wackos laughing at them. Guess thats why McCain canceled his Habitat for Humanity event.

* She touted her amazing history as the Mayor of small town Wasilla, AK. Which is all well and good until you consider she left a once debt free Wasilla 22 million in the hole and the Meth Capital of Alaska. D-I-A-G-O-N-A-L.

* She said that Obama's tax plan will raise the taxes on all Americans and hurt small business. HIEFFER PUH-LEASE. Obama's tax plan will lower taxes on 95% of American's and give them increased tax CREDITS, that means savings, for many families. It will however raise taxes on the richest 1%, I think they'll be fine.

Each one of her arrogant diagonal arguments can be easily rebutted with actual facts. McCain and Palin are on the wrong side of policy, facts, public opinion, history, just a whole gang-a-wrongs

I am all for honest debate on policy and ideas, I don't simply believe Dems have all the answers, but if all Palin can add to the discussion is baseless lies, small minded divisive attacks and corruption, then her diagonal walking ass needs to get out of the way, because we have too much work to do!

By the way, does anyone know where I can get my mitts on a mooseburger in NYC?

There it is, yall...



Fancy Footwork

Picture this:

You're on your way to work. Lovely sunny day, nice breeze, morning drink of choice in hand (coffee, smoothie...vodka?). You're walking a bit quicker than the rest of the foot traffic because, well you like to walk fast and you got places to go and people to see. Zip past the old lady with the terrier, chasse by the man in the Armani suit, and...

UGH. Stuck behind the woman in the tweed skirt and oversized turtleneck. You move to pass her on the right...she moves right. Shake it off. You move to pass her on the left...she moves left. Sigh. Try right once again, and again she moves with you. For this annoying footwork, I have coined the term...homegirl is "walking diagonal".

From this term, I wrote a song...well actually it's a rap. Children should avert there eyes because there are a fair amount of expletives:

Bitch! Why you walkin' diagonal?! I'm tryna walk straight but you walkin' diagonal!Get out my way bitch, stop walkin' like that, You actin 'outta place bitch...walk straight bitch!
You can really just keep adding and adding and adding, but I'll stop for now. Since this little limerick was created a few months ago, it has morphed into a lingo of its own. Now people can act diagonal (ie. she trippin, she buggin, she wildin, she actin diagonal) - or they can just be diagabitches...diagahos...diagaheifers...pic your poison.

Like, "'prece", SND encourages you to adopt the word "diagonal" as your own. Try using it in a sentence today.



Schooled and Dazed

Dear world, I’ve missed you. I’m sorry about the time apart, but I needed to clear my head. It was a good trip though – this is some of what I’ve learned in the time we’ve been apart:

I like shoes. It’s the truth. Even though I’m a certified sneaker head, a fiend for leather, cotton and form, for newbies and throwbacks, being away from the scene for a bit aroused my 'preciation for the other form of leather, of suede and of utter dopeness. There’s a lot you can do with a vintage pair of wingtips, some crisp square toes or some boat shoes. Maybe it’s a reaction to aging (grunt) or maybe it’s a result of having to go to more formal events, but my kicks on my shoe rack are definitely sharing shelf space. For some ill-inspiration, check out what the homies at DSquared did…done!

Also- Bohemia is complex! I read a lot while I wasn’t out drinking. The reading lead to thinking, which lead to more reading which lead to sleeping and dreaming and then realizing that the bohemia cocoon engulfing New York is more complex than skinny jeans and a scarf. Bohemia exists in a larger way than hipsters do, than scenesters do and wannnabes too (Dr.Seuss rhyme?), and is still not as easy a concept as you is or you ain’t. It’s not completely based on geography, and not completely based on creativity either- reason being: the world is becoming smaller, so small that bohemia and the mainstream are fusing, albeit inconsistently, at the seams. Marc Jacobs endorses MIA, Hot 97 interviews Santogold and Sex, Drugs and Coco Puffs is still a Barnes and Noble classic. You can go find some yuppy bankers in Williamsburg, true with their 7th avenue haircuts and khakis, or you can go to Union Square and find some non-traditional, yet real, bohemians, rocking old navy t-shirts and discussing the future of…the future. And I don’t know about you, but Bohemia is where I wanna be, give me societies of creative and forward thinking people, dinners with vanguards and crazy parties with people who are actually progressive…you can keep the skinny jeans (just kidding, I’ll take those too). For more brain food check out Rise of the Creative Class, by Richard Florida and for a quick fix, peep this:

And you know what else- men are a market in fashion and fashion does the worst job at marketing to men!!! Maaaan, funk that!! I know there’s GQ mag and Complex….but somehow they don't cut it. Those basically give us 12 months of the same look and same motifs, respectively. I’ve met enough aesthtically progressive dudes to know that those two magazines can’t be their bibles. And the blogs don’t’ exist. For females you can find a plethora of possibly conceited sisters taking pics of themselves, hoping to inspire the internet dwellers with their hopefully unique fashion sense, or I can at least find a blog that smatters looks together. But not for the brothers. For us it’s, GQ, style.com (owned by GQ), Complex and…suck it up. This probably says a lot about adventurousness in male fashion, gender in the mianstream, even in the wake of metrosexuality, and the signals of pop culture. Either way, I’m sending the signal out there, someone…save our clothes. If not, SND might have to just do it ourselves....hmmm.

I feel like a modern day Sophicles, or Siddartha, with better shoes and better breath. Mad more musings from my headspace to come, stay tuned.