Hey fashion & style weirdos,

I've got some news! Though my heart lies in all things style, my mind & body are recently fully consumed by yoga.

I met Tara Stiles, the owner of Strala Yoga, after hitting up a few of her classes in SoHo. Everything about that place is charming - the teachers know everybody by name, they play music during the classes, everybody is always smiling and happy. It's weird...I think yoga does that...like, makes people happy and smiley. Just the act of doing it and getting into it. Creepy. But awesome.

So to make a long story short, I approached Tara (aka the Yoga Rebel) and proposed a blog series, "The Newbie Yogi" - chronicling the journey of a yoga beginner (me) - and all the thoughts and tips and experiences that go along with it.

So hop on over to the Strala Yoga Blog!! Click HERE to read my first entry!