The Isabel Marant sneakers...just "high fashion" Supras?

In the past few months, a new and very major shoe has surfaced as the "it-shoe". Last season the it was the Miu Miu Glitter Pumps. This season...Isabel Marant Sneakers:

They're hightop sneakers with a wedge, and it seems every model, blogger, editor and celeb owns a pair - retailing from between $390-$899 (some are up to $1,399.00 on ebay!).

And now, an exercise in cultural relativism.

Ever heard of streetwear? Ever heard of Supras?  Well dial back to mmmm, 2007/2008ish when Supras emerged as the "it-shoe" of the streetwear world. Mickey Factz even made a song about them. Many of the hightops have the same silhouette as the Marant sneaks, only retailing at about $110-$150 , and actually way better colorways if you ask moi:

So...what's stopping the trend-setters from slummin' it with the super available, super hot, super Supras? Is it a "high fashion" thing? Is it a class thing? Or is it as innocent as a non-knowing thing?



A.F. Vandevorst: Covered up in Paris

I was pretty sad when NY Fashion Week was basically completely lame, but missing Paris Fashion Week really broke my heart. I'm fairly certain I'm destined to be there - each show seems better than the last.

I ADORE (oh, should I be saying j'adore?) what A.F. Vandevorst came out with this season. It's like the designers said to themselves: no need to make a big hoopla about the models - what's the point, right? So let's bury those bitches in scarves and hats, so our guests can focus on what's really important: the art of clothing.

Don't even get me started on the knits and velvets...