don't cry for me...

Buenos Aires bound for the next couple of weeks. Not sure what the blogging situation will be like when I'm there - to be quite honest I'm going to try to stay as far from the computer as I can without imploding. But I assure you I'll be bringing my camera and reporting back later.

Be good, hasta pronto!


Candles & Kimonos

After maybe the best week ever, I'm totally exhausted. Instead of going out on this frigid Friday night, I'm staying in with two of my guiltiest pleasures: Haagen Dazs and Desperate Housewives. But before that, nothing sets the mood better than some candles and a perfectly silky kimono. Girl time to the fullest.

Also, I'm exploring my blogging capabilities. Observe:

how to make a gif

Any other blogging bandwagons I must hop on? Happy weekend to all, and to all a good night.


jury duty blues

Woke up at 6:45a to get my ass to Jamaica, Queens. Not as tropical as it may sound...in fact the morning involved some flurries. I'm way more caffeinated than a person probably should be at 11am, but that definitely beats loading up on Snickers and pretzels like all these disgruntled looking American citizens around me. Time to be productive...time to think...time to kill time.