say FADER!

I was featured in FADER MAG today...wearing a super see-through outfit that had all the old ladies in my neighborhood shooting me tidal waves of disapproving looks...



snapped by Dre

Gabbing away on the brick Android calls a phone
Lincoln Center NYFW
Captured by Andre' Wagner


five shows, one look

New York Fashion Week is still in full swing around here. I went to 5 shows today, and had to cut the day short before hitting the other 4 I RSVP'd to. Exhaustion set in early and I needed food for the belly and a bath for the back. Out of the 5 shows that I went to, each with somewhere between 25-35 looks, only one of the looks - and I mean ONE OUTFIT OF THE 125-175 OUTFITS THAT I SAW - stood out.

This outfit from Rachel Roy's collection:
                             -Linen silk flax suiting soft jacket with zinnia trim
                             -Natural white silk twill wrap top
                             -Linen silk flax suiting slouch pant

Unlike EEEEEEEEEVERY other s/s collection out there this (and every) season, this outfit just begs for spring/summer without being obvious. It's casual, it's elegant, it can be worn by anyone...it can be worn, period

So what is everybody else coming out with for spring/summer, you ask?

(from left: Jenny Packham, DKNY, Tracy Reese, Rebecca Minkoff, DVF - photos via style.com)

Florals for spring?!!! Brilliant! Original. Really inspired. 
(oh, that was sarcasm in case my bold, bright colors threw you off)

Welcome to fashion, people...ride the wave of greatness.



Elle Fashion Next - New Designers Play the Game

New York Fashion Week. The cool kid's table in the cafeteria. It's an impeccably dressed party of overly caffeinated and mostly jaded insiders, sinking their dripping fangs into the decorated entrees designers have cooked up for the next season.

Sounds thrilling right? Well don't shove your heels into your monogrammed Louis bags just yet, civilians. Everybody from the attendees to the designers needs a special invite for this soiree, and fashion yields to nobody without at least a polka dot of industry street cred.

For new designers, that polka dot better be made of leather with Russian sable, or royal blue cashmere sewn with magical golden thread. A brand can only debut once, and without a flawless, memorable execution -- once might be all they have.

This past Friday, Elle Magazine hosted their 2nd annual Fashion Next initiative at Lincoln Center during NYFW. Partnering up with the Savannah College of Art and Design, this college competition is Elle's way of showing support for emerging creatives in the field. Daps to Elle

Click HERE to read full article on HuffingtonPost


orange for spring/summer 2012...gag reflex engaging

I've never really been a fan of the spring/summer shows. It's probably because I have such a strong preference for layers and heavy textures - wools, hides, knits, etc. The s/s shows also lay it on really heavy with the bright colors which I personally tend to avoid...I just love dark outfits - regardless of the trend, regardless of the season. What's the color trend this season? Oh, only my least favorite color in the ENTIRE world:

(from left: Derek Lam, Rag and Bone, Jill Stuart, Vivienne Tam, Erin Fetherston, Victoria Beckham - photos via style.com)

It's loud and obnoxious...orange gives me a headache like a grandma at a rave. Is it actually going to be a trend next year? Well, the fall/winter shows had an insane amount of emerald green and nothing ever really happened with that so who knows. But in case you love orange (hey mom), here's the go-ahead to indulge come 6 months from now.

something different - PETROU\MAN

I've been to a boatload of shows so far this NYFW season. Unfortunately my coverage of them is next to nothing because really, hardly anything stands out as noteworthy...errr postworthy.

Until recently I had never even heard of the brand Petrou\Man. But they impressed me last season with their simple yet unique presentation, and they impressed me the same way this time. It was held in a church basement draped in white throw sheets, and two lines of models walked back and forth through one another every 30 seconds or so. No music playing, just some faint chatter from well-dressed observers, and digital shutter sounds made by the cameras of less well-dressed photographers. Oh, and there was caution tape. Thassit.

The clothes were just decent. Great tailoring, but the prints weren't the most practical of all prints. My hat goes off to the creative, cost effective presentation...and the super hot men...that went into actually leaving an impression.


Me in the NYTimes Styles

Yesterday was a really big day for me. I wrote an article for the NYTimes NYFW Preview issue on emerging designers showing at Lincoln Center. You can read it HERE. If you don't feel like doing that, you can look at the pretty pictures here:


how to make short legs look longer

I have pretty short legs. Not crazy short, but like, definitely not long. Sometimes I look at really leggy girls crossing their legs...how one just casually flops over the other (while they're smoking cigarettes probably)...and I think to myself, um, mine don't look like that when I do that whatthefuck?!

Anyway, over the years I've figured out ways to make my legs look, well...less short. And, though I'd never claim to be able to draw, I put together a little visual to accompany my guide: How to Make Short Legs Look Longer...there are just 3 simple rules:

You'll notice I tried to avoid drawing the actual bodies...a gal can only tackle so much. 

So here we go:
  1. High Waisted Jeans: The top of your jeans should sit right above your bellybutton. This cuts off your torso, making it appear shorter, hence making legs look longer. Tuck in your shirt for bonus points. My suggestion: Urban Outfitters' BDG brand makes a hellofa high waisted jean - HERE
  2. Obscenely Tall Shoes: I say screw heels and go with wedges or platforms on this one - they're more comfortable...especially when dealing with shoes in the 4-5 inches range (which you should be). Tall shoes = longer legs...duh. A no brainer for this is Jeffrey Campbell. Though I don't actually own any myself (I prefer to keep it a little less mainstream, yeah yeah yeah I know), JC is a respectable place to start - HERE
  3. All Black (Everything): Yes, you've heard it before and you'll hear it again - all black is the way to go. It solves fat-feeling issues, it solves short leg syndrome, I've even been told it solves world hunger. Combine this one with rules 1 & 2 and you're basically Naomi Campbell - black high waisted pants, black obscenely tall shoes, and black everything else. Buy black stuff anywhere you want...most of mine hails from Salvation Army. 
And with these three guidelines my list comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed my attempt at drawing as well. Godspeed running this race we call fashion with your short little legs. 

eBay hunt: the brown leather backpack

The latest eBay hunt began several months ago when my mom asked me where she could find a big leather backpack for her trip to Europe. Me, being the diligent and leather-obsessed daughter that I am - went on eBay for her to check out the potential. Checking out turned into zillions of "Add to my watch list" clicks...for myself...mom who? I still haven't made the leap - but here's what I've been stalking:

The brown leather backpack (preferably vintage, duh). I want it oversized, I want it worn, I want it to have texture and buckles and plenty of compartments (inside or out, I don't care). Based on my Watch Lists, the cheapest I'll be able to find for what I want is about $40-50, not including shipping. I'll let you know if I indulge.