something different - PETROU\MAN

I've been to a boatload of shows so far this NYFW season. Unfortunately my coverage of them is next to nothing because really, hardly anything stands out as noteworthy...errr postworthy.

Until recently I had never even heard of the brand Petrou\Man. But they impressed me last season with their simple yet unique presentation, and they impressed me the same way this time. It was held in a church basement draped in white throw sheets, and two lines of models walked back and forth through one another every 30 seconds or so. No music playing, just some faint chatter from well-dressed observers, and digital shutter sounds made by the cameras of less well-dressed photographers. Oh, and there was caution tape. Thassit.

The clothes were just decent. Great tailoring, but the prints weren't the most practical of all prints. My hat goes off to the creative, cost effective presentation...and the super hot men...that went into actually leaving an impression.

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