Calling All Headsets!!

The following post is based on no facts whatsoever and some of the terms are made up, but since our insight is generally the correct insight, you might want to use it as a guide to your cellphone ear gear. Presenting: What your cellphone headset says about you...

1) The Bluetooth

You are a Douchebag. Yeah, it's ok if you use a Bluetooth for all your hands-free activities: driving, mountain climbing, carpentry? It's mostly when the activity is over and your Bluetooth is still on that puts you in this category. If you are wearing it as an accessory, like an earring, it's not cute. And if you're wearing it while having non-phone conversations with people standing right in front of you, it's confusing. So please, take it off when you're not using it. Oh, and if you're only using it while talking but you're wearing a muscle t or wife beater, or you have some kind of spikey gelled hair, that makes you a douchebag too, sorry.

2. The Cheek Mic

You are lame. I think this picture sums it up. With the Cheek Mic, you look like a secretary stuck in the...50's? 80's? You're prim and proper, you try to look like you're doing business, but you're probably on the phone with your mom comparing recipes. You might as well put on some bifocals and sit in front of a typewriter. Tap tap tap, ping! Tap tap tap tap, ping!

3. The Hangy Wire Mic
You're big time. Like this photo suggests, you have so many things to do, you can't let one hand go unused. You're a multi-tasker. You're walking home from the gym while returning emails on your blackberry and arguing on a conference call...you're driving to work listening to Fiona Apple with coffee in one hand, coke on the dashboard and the wheel in between your knees...whatever the multi-tasking involves, you're efficient, you're angsty, you're really important.

If you're a straight up phone to ear user, you're probably going to get brain cancer, my dad sends me cautionary emails every 6 months or so. So you should probably get a headset. Take your pick!!



Daps List: Clothing Edition

Listen up. We made a list. A simple list, although the description may sound complicated. This is the list of basics for those who are actually style-forward. These basics are different than you're usual basics, those we know already (if you don't, hit up Google), these items are the palette that you brave adventurers can use to make that outfit an OUTFIT! All caps intended. We proudly bring you, the first ever, the SND "Daps List: Clothing Edition".

Part 1 of 2 is the list for the ladies:
(In no particular order):
1. Dark Skinny Jeans: Not boot cut, skinny. Not stone wash or any other kind of wash...dark. Make sure they hug that booty - if it's a teeny one pick a style that gives it some volume, if it's big, find a pair that lifts and avoid anything that flattens.
2. White V-Necks: Cotton, simple. Traditionally worn as a man's undershirt, but we are in a new era and now they are ours too. Can be layered or worn layered or alone. Classic, sexy.
3. Waist Coat: We suggest keeping it casual with the waist coats, but can be dressed up too. The perfect second layer to funkify your getup.
4. Cardigan: Proper layering must involve one of these. Fitted, loose, all patterns, all colors (within fashionable reason)...go nuts.
5. Solid Neutral Colored Pumps: Black, white, grey, brown, navy...6 inch or 3 inch...stiletto or chunky heel...all of those details really come down to preference. Pumps make your legs look great, they make your booty look great...they give you swagger, and let's face it, they make you feel fierce.
6. Fashion Scarf: Not talking big winter scarves. Must be light weight, must have some kind of detailing (print, fringe, texture, etc.). Can be wrapped around lots of times or can be tied in a knot in the middle of the ribcage. It's a great accessory that adds flare to everything.
7. Boots: Ankle boots, calf-length boots, knee boots, over-the-knee boots...go crazy, go conservative, just make sure you're headed there in some boots. (Note: you must be able to tuck your skinny jeans into them).
8. Coat: Listen carefully to this one because the details are crucial. This coat must a) fall mid-booty or right below and b) must either cinch at the waist, be tailored in at the waist or have some sort of belt or tie at the waist. A woman's waist is sensual, make sure you show it off even in the dead of winter.
9. Low Top Chuck Taylors (Converse, duh): Must be a solid color, we prefer beige. They're preppy but kind of punky too. They're casual and cool...and we give you permission to let these ones get a little dirty for the coveted "worn-in" look.
10. A Versatile Blouse: Think of it like this...should be sassy enough to pair with your dark skinnies and pumps for a cocktail event, and should be funky enough to wear with your waist coat, skinnies, and boots. That's the only way I can describe it. Moving on...
11. Tights: Crucial for fall and winter. Wear them under dresses, skirts, we even love them under tattered denim short shorts (see below). Can be substituted for leggings, although we'd like to officially state, that we do not support the leggings-as-pants look. Leggings are not pants.
12. Mini Dress: Some kind of short, season-to-season frock. In the summer, let your Beyonce out with this leg-bearing freakum dress, and in the fall and winter pair it with some tights (and boots? Converse?) and lots of layers to complete the boho/hobo look.
13. Oversized Button Up Shirt: Make it look like you got this one from your man's closet. Loose top (with tight jeans and Chucks) is disheveled and sexy. Pinstriped, flannel, gingham...the choice is yours.
14. Denim Shorts: Short. Worn-in. Holes, stains, pockets hanging out the bottom. (Note: NOT so short the booty hangs out the back).
15. Leather Jacket: Should be hip-length or 1-2 inches shorter. Black or brown only. It turns any outfit into an outfit and gives it edge and funk. No need to spend hundreds, go to a second hand store - Goodwill, Beacon's Closet, Buffalo Exchange - all great options.

***And now the verdict for the other sex, here goes:***

1. Dark Skinny Jeans: Yep, skinny jeans for guys too. They're the essential denim that will bring any look your heart desires to life.
2. White V-Neck: Yes, they're basic, yes they're perfect for layering, but don't forget...they're MANLY. Remember those Calvin Klein ads from back in the day (if not, we got you, here). That could be you!
3. Waist Coat: They're not just for the Great Gatsby and Justin Timberlake. This what you need with summer outfits that need a little umph or the icing on your layering cake.
4. Cardigan: Good for the office with a pair of black slacks and shoes? Yup! What about dinners in The Village with a V-Neck, skinny jeans and dope boots? Yessir! Can a cardigan save the world? YES....and they have!
5. Dunks: Oof...this was a tough one! In the end, Dunks win- they funktify the male sihouette more than the classic pair of Chucks.
6. Shoes: Whatever you choose, remember the following: black is better than whatever other color you might be thinking and leather will last longer (and look better) than any other material.
7. Black Blazer: Even though this entry seems like "duh", it can't specified enough. If you don't have this basic, you won't be able to take the basic to the next level. It just works every time.
8. Leather Jacket: Let's not go Matrix, that look only works on movie characters and superheroes. Your REAL leather should meet you at your hips, and if you're looking for longevity, make it black or brown.
9. Trench Coat: Mess with some funky knits, tweeds, houndstooth, cashmere lining, gold detailing, the sky is the limit. So is the mid thigh region-no lower!
10. Skinny Tie: It's the most post-modern item you can have in your closet (or drawer). It's retrofitted method of modernizing any classic outfit...or retrofying any futuristic outfit..oorrrr...
11. Black T-Shirt: This might seem unnecessary since we've already mandated a white v-neck. The plain black T is "the uber". It'll make you look buffer than you might be, layer well and accomplish a dark and mysterious version outfits the white v-neck completes. You want to be dark and mysterious, it's sexy!
12. Fashion Scarf: If your grandmother gave it to you, it doesn't count (unless she's read this post). Something with color and interesting detail in the print will spice up your vintage leather coat, skinnies and dunks.
13. Versatile Button Down Shirt #1: We'll trust you to pick the right print/pattern, but need not stress that the size needs to be fitted enough to be worn with a waist coat and blazer, but should be large enough and long enough to rock with some cut-off shorts, waist coat and Chucks. It's a fine line, good luck.
14. Versatile Button Down Shirt #2: The most important detail for VBDS #2 is that it needs to have a print. Take your pick: plaid, gingham, rugby stripes, killer bunnies, whatevs.
15. Boots: Go out and find them if you're looking to rock out something militaristic, rock and roll, hobo-boho-ghettobo (just made that up, talk later). 6.5 to 12 inches up the leg is good. Anything taller might make you a superhero (just add a super long leather jacket).

There you have it dudettes and dudes, 15 little tidbits to start your fantastic voyage. Remember though y'all, this is a list of basics that will help take you forward, if you try to sub this as forwardness, it'll unfortunately be read as "fauxward". Take these thangs and add your personal touches, philosophies and stylistic believes to the palette. We're looking forward to your works of art.



Can't Touch This...Or Caaan You?

Some call them Harem Pants, some call them tapered balloon pants, among us 90's kids the most logical name for them can only be...MC Hammer pants. You remember the Hammer!!

And, of course, you remember his PANTS!!


Ok we know it's not old news that these are popular again. They've been making a comeback for a while now - in fact, I'm pretty sure Dushane and I saw one brave soul sporting them on the train last winter. But this combination of skinny pants, wide leg pants and sweat pants (?!) were aaaall over the Spring 2009 Collection runway shows. Take a look below:

Alexander Wang

Ralph Lauren


Naomi Campbell even worked them out for a fierce YSL Fall/Winter 2008-2009 campaign.

I feel really mixed about these pants. On the one hand, I think they're oddly flattering. They create a small waist, they're casual yet dressy at the same time and just when we thought skinny jeans were the be-all end-all of pants, Hammers are definitely something new. On the other hand, once I shake off my fascination with fashion and models and glitter, I realize that the small percentage of women that can actually wear these pants is disturbingly small...and I'm even more disturbed with the image of the much larger percentage of women who will try to pull them off and fail miserably. With that said, I have always been an advocate for fashion experiementation. What might the Forever 21/H&M version look like on normal people? Well I don't know, if you have photoshop be my guest and do a little cut and paste with this:

Sigh...the prospects aren't looking good, but I haven't totally lost hope. My mind is open, and if you can show me how to pull it off without being 5'10" and 120 lbs, my wallet will be open too. Hell, send your "pulling-it-off" pics to snapsanddaps@gmail.com and we'll put them on the blog!! Happy shopping and godspeed.



Fashion Meets Politics...Part 2

Nothing like your design being worn on a fashion savvy First Lady Elect...on the night that her man is elected El Presidente...to boost your ego.

The always fashionable Michelle Obama sported this little Narciso Rodriguez number from his Spring 2009 RTW Collection...seen below on on the runway:

LinkThe blogs are going crazy for this one y'all! Verena von Pfetten defends the dress adamantly on Huffington Post, calling it "utterly flattering" and "abso-effing-lutely stunning". The Style.com blog calls Michelle's sense of style "progressive"...while comments AAAALL across the blogs called the outfit "distracting", "distasteful", and one even said "Mrs. Obama is going to need a stylist when she gets to the Whitehouse!" Lame. The point is, whether you think it's hot or not (I, personally think she did a darned good job, not to mention the whole family's matching outfits), we once again - fiiiinally - have a first lady with a sense of style. Since nobody in our generation (X? Y?) was alive to see Jackie Kennedy in all her glory, I'm excited for what's to come.

And while I'm glad the world wide web is so opinionated on the topic of the dress, the most relevant question on my mind is, does this meeting of worlds (fashion and politics) speak to what is happening in fashion, or the hopeful new happenings surrounding politics? The last time Snaps and Daps came at you with the harmony of fashion and politics was several posts ago when political messages and images were actually being worn on clothing. Now the two worlds are colliding in a way that, in it's most fruitful way, creates accessibility and approachability to both.

On the political side we already see that Barack Obama represents change - and eeeeverybody's talking about it...men, women, all races, ages, sexual orientations, and people in countries all over the world! So is it not totally fitting that his wife cross boundaries as well? And though it's not as recognized or praised, the merging of politics and fashion, as I see it, represents a great change as well. People are paying attention to Michelle Obama - the trend setters, the youth, the fashion elite - and she's paying attention to them! As if Barack isn't uniting the country enough on his own, Michelle has a keen interest in a very specific niche of American society and continues to speak directly to it. And you best believe this conversation is going to keep on growing!! This very public appearance probably gave a huge boost to Rodriguez's sales...how soon until Michelle becomes a spokesmodel for Yves Saint Laurent? Can't you see it?!

She's a wife, she's a mom, and she's the First Lady Elect...SND would like to officially give our stamp of approval to yet another title for Mrs. Obama - Fashionista. Wear it with pride, girl.


Barackin' the Nation!!


We're delighted.