Need a Little Salt-n-Pepa with Your Lunch?

...well here's a fresh serving...

Holding it DOWN on Throwback Wednesday, the divas of Salt-n-Pepa bring me back to the good ol' days of Shoopehdooping in my living room and Pushing it Reeeeeal Good...well, also in my living room. How is it possible that they're singing about such dirty things, wearing vinal and air-spanking in "What a Man", yet the entertainment seems so wholesome? Ahh the days...


BK Fashion Week{end} X Snaps and Daps Exclusive...We Got the Photos Y'all!!

Sigh...I really have no words for what I experienced Saturday at BK Fashion Week{end}. Actually let me rephrase that, I do have some words--what I don't have are full sentences. So, since what I'm left with is words, I'll throw a few at you and then let the images speak for themselves: color, class, DEDICATION, innovation, swagger, legs, vibrant, Bruuunooooo, POP, press passes, flirty, live, inspirational, mischievous, sexual...and, do I even need to say it? FIERCE.

The usual SND duo was split up on Saturday, so the dapper gentlemen above were my dates. John Rankin (left) and Sean Conner (right)--honorary Snaps and Dapsers for the night--Clearly I only roll with the freshest...

We were VIP, they fed us real good.

When I say we were RIGHT on the runway...

My press pass :)

Aaand here we go (scroll down to the end of the post for a slide show with of ALL of the pieces and designers from the show)...

(Hollerrr!!! I know we're a bit partial, but these girls KILLED it)

The designers featured below (some not pictured above) are: Catalin Botezatu, Color Heritage, Fuseik, Miss Bruno, Catou and Joan Vaccianna. I know it's a lot of fashion to take in at once...can you handle it?



BK Fashion Week{end} is Here!!

...and along with more of their So-Called Scarves, our homegirls from Miss Bruno are debuting their dress and blumers collection!
Held at Northside Piers in Billyburg, The Weekend begins today, March 21st, and runs (or will you allow me to say...catwalks?) through Sunday, March 23rd. For showtimes and schedules check out bkfashionweekend.com, and don't forget to RSVP to BKFW@BUZZIG.com.

If you miss it, we'll be there on Saturday--documenting and 'preciating--so keep checking back for the full report.



Talk Drum, Solo Box

It's that time again kiddies...throwback Wednesdays- a little something to get you over the hump day. Today's throwback needed two videos, A) because he's just that dope and B) because I couldn't decide.

Ladies and gentlefriends, the prodigy/genius- Stevie Wonder

Exhibit B




Remember Theater?

And we call ourselves bohemians...

It ain't just music and parties, people. Our creative comrads be up on some other ish too--remember theater? Word.

If you dare to venture north of Houston, we got a destination that will make your trip worthwhile. The 78th Street Theatre Lab is putting on a Clifford Odets show called "Till the Day I Die." It is the story of two opposing forces--a military government and the rebel group--determined to fight for equal rights. When rebel leader, Ernst, is taken in for questioning the line between right and wrong is blurred, and each character must find the truth for themselves amongst the chaos of war (woop woop JR!). From what I hear they've got some fabulous talent up in there...and how often do you find that?

It's playing tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday)...for tickets click here. Snaps and Daps will be there on Wednesday, come say wassup!



News Flash- We Came Up!

My emotions while writing this today are similar to seeing a family member graduate, watching your favorite underdog team win or being able to say "I told you so" to your brick headed friend. The latest issue of URB, being understandably more legit than your dopnesses, validate many of the people SND has promoted. Word- we on it too, baby!

Fresh from our Great in '08, the Supra-lover Mickey Factz made the URB 100, page 43, next to other subset great, Kid Cudi. Mickey's potential is bracing, like a sling shot, at the moment- when the next evolution of hip-hop hits, he'll probably be the rock that breaks the window.

Our culture reporting colleagues, The New Pop also made the URB 100, also on page 43, as mavens of the vlog. Their skill is more than that though, their often montage-y documentations are true to the grit and finesse, the scum and stars of a still burgeoning culture.

Probably my favorite Great in 08 entry- Proton made the cut on page 60. The two homies are in sitting on the essence of hip-hop, though they've definitely bent it to their needs and style. Creativity, skill and showmanship are not lacking in any way here. I'm just mad their demo wasn't longer. Shouts to Fadia Kader. Speaking of Ms.Kader- check page 64 for more of her credits. URB is as excited about Come Up Kids and Fadia's Broke and Boujee campaign as we are. As someone who's help to forge a platform/network/society out of disjointed scenes, Fadia is building up to be a future classic, an obvious cover for coffee table bookers and scene mags. Now...Peaches and Apples? We're there (boo). Holler at us FK.

Sadly one person was missing from the list, and that's Theophilus London. SND has no fears though, he's a sure shot to make the cut by next Next 100. 'Prece that!

So- as much as this is about validating our talent scouting capablities, it's also about proving the cohesive potential of this culture. Maybe there's not much to prove to SND readers, maybe I'm preaching to the choir, maybe I can't help myself. As I see progress (arguable) like Million Dollar Mano DJing Marc Jacob parties for a line launch that also endorses MIA, I'm a proud dude, watching my family graduate.



Tina Can Spell...F-I-E-R-C-E

Throwback Wednesday with our girl Tina Turner...

Gohead with that non-skirt girl! I was a little worried at the beginning of the song that she wouldn't shake it, but don't worry she does. And did you notice that the sweater is backless? Backless sweaters and sweatshirts??!! Let's bring them back...you heard it here first.



Alexander Wang...Mind if I Call You Alex?

I know this is old news...but Alexander Wang is ridiculously dope.

My interest was piqued innocently enough during fashion week last season (when he debuted his Spring 2008 RTW line). His look might seem just laid back at first glance--simple lines, narrow range of color, sticking to the basics or staples we all have in our closets (t-shirts, jeans, etc.)--but sister, that just means you ain't lookin right! When you get your eyes checked and put on your fashion forward glasses, you'll see that his designs, and his looks overall, hold layers of tough androgany, unexpected detail and some seriously raw sexuality. My interest has since developed into obsession. For his Fall 2008 RTW line he collaborated with his Lower East Side neighbor and muse, model/stylist Erin Wasson. Homegirl is fly fly fly.

Though his early inspriation was found in the skater kids of San Francisco, Wang's Fall 2007 collection was a fresh combo of 80's hip-hop silhouettes­ with clean and graphic French styling. I was going to only put up pics from his Fall 08 line, but instead I've include a bit of everything.

And look at this video that Nylon TV put together: Fashion Week Fall 2008...Alexander Wang style. I want him to be my friend.

We're moving in on something new, people. Don't fall through the cracks--and don't throw away your old jeans just yet...



Yume- A Space for the Rest of Us

At our weeknight, and rare weekend jams, we pack into various clubs, lofts and lounges to support our favorite music artist, DJ or promoter. Often though, we overlook the other important contributor to our night time shakedown- the venue.
The venues are as, if not more, important than the persons who circulate in them-they are a physical manifestation of the scene our minds have forged. They legitimate, to the rest of the world, our space in the city (the world, really). There are the overplayed, but classic, like Studio B and Le Royale (formerly Luke and Leroy) and the in-the-cut/exclusive spots like 205 and Yume.
Yume possesses a definitive edge over many of the other creative cult venues in it's multi-faceted nature. It's not just the place to be for your droppin' down (and getting your eagle on) or stalking your next sloppy hook-up, it brings the multiple elements that compromise the scene, under one roof. If you visit Yume one day, you might find a full art gallery-pieces submitted by young, urban visionaries- you might stumble on a photo shoot for an emerging brand or racks of the latest street wear. You might even be as lucky as Snaps and Daps was last week at Yume's Prelude jam including two live artists, painting to bumping hip-hop and performances by SND-endorsed Theolophilus London (we found out that's his real name-dope!), Mickey Factz, Ronnie James and Rahsaan with an appearance by our girl with the killer accent, Kesh.
Events like this solidify Yume's space as an environment that supports and endorses everything this emerging (is it really still emerging?) scene has to offer, the good, the bad and the fly. It gives Yume longevity above the strict dance clubs and DJ bars that who fear failing due to thenextbigthing. Yume's cache includes an artistic fundamental that's etched into NYC and will evolve with the movements of the city, no doubt. Not to mention the nostalgic club house, family feeling-being amongst the other guests, you almost expect Sunday dinner. Although people are attracted from as far out as Astoria (ahem!!!) Yume has planted its roots, firmly, in BK, hence Yume BKNY. It's a fam, for real.

So, the next time you bop, bus stop or wop to the jams your DJ cuts up, remember that without the physical spaces that carve out a geography of belonging, we'd be stuck at the point conversation- only as official as...I dont' know, scientology. Shout out to Mike (boss Yume) for holding us down- he tells Snaps and Daps that he has a lot in-store for the approaching summer. Now if only he'd tell us what the secret for March 28th is! Check up on Yume's blog to try and super sleuth it.




Ok I realize that by doing this I'm posting 2 videos in a row, but I couldn't help myself. I love Santogold...she has a new video out for L.E.S. Artistes...it only made sense.

**Sigh** There's nothing left to say except...homegirl's got it.