NYTimes says shredded denim is...back?

Dear New York Times,

Look, you know I love you...but cotdamn sometimes your trend reports are so very sad:

You say shredded denim "has turned up again"...as in, it went somewhere...and now it's like, back...so now it's a must-wear...again.

Shredded denim - like leather jackets or white v-necks or or trench coats - isn't new, it never left, and it probably never will. Granted, if the shredded denim was suddenly pink or yellow or green, that would be noteworthy.

But plain denim??!! C'mon NYTimes!! I believe in you! I want you to be on-trend! Please dig a little deeper.

With love,

more fun with Jezebel

I wrote another article for Jezebel! I actually wrote part of it on here first, then took it down after they accepted my pitch to write a full-length post on the same topic. So if you think you've already read it, you haven't. And you should definitely click HERE and check it oooouuuut. Gracias.


cobalt cobalt everywhere

Something seriously cobalt is going on here. I don't know how or why or when, but suddenly cobalt pants are everywhere.

In all honesty, I love cobalt. I think it looks good on basically everybody - and if you're curious about the cobalt pants trend, you'll probably be good money trying it out (it's a tough one to fuck up).

In even more honesty, when so many people are doing one fashion-thing, I'd rather lather my hands and feet with lube and do a yoga class, than jump on the trend train. It makes me feel cheap and used...like the retail version of a slutty college hook-up. I suppose I'll be sticking with my everyday black jeans for another decade, or until people have forgotten about cobalt all together...whichever comes first.

See you on the other side...


god bless the LunarGrand

There once was a boy named Jeremy - a dapper young man with an eye for beauty and a true appreciation for craftsmanship.

Typically seen in high end dress shoes, but with a closet full of sneakers, Jeremy was very pleased to find that Cole Haan was releasing the LunarGrand Wingtips: a shoe with the body of a classic suede wingtip, with the sole (and soul) of the Nike LunarGlide running shoe:

Right now the suede wingtips come in 5 colorways for men. And at the SoHo store in NYC (where you'll find sales clerks talking about scoring some molly on a Friday night), you can find the new women's ones as well (I think the men's colors are better but what do I know).

Anyway back to my story: Though Young Jeremy wanted the shoes in all colors, he ultimately decided on just the grey/yellow ones for now (hellooo $250?!). But wait, what about fair maiden Mihal's needs...and wants...and back problems?? Soooo, I got myself a pair too. Of the men's shoes, not the women's (luckily I have big clown feet so I could fit into the smallest men's size):

So now we have his-and-hers LunarGrands. If you're going to take it there, and do his-and-hers anything, I recommend doing it with these shoes. You better act quickly though, these are limited edition and they're already on eBay for $300+.

God bless the LunarGrand...and God bless America.

Note: Didn't get paid, didn't get free shoes, didn't get anything from Cole Haan to write this. Blogger authenticity stamp, holler.