god bless the LunarGrand

There once was a boy named Jeremy - a dapper young man with an eye for beauty and a true appreciation for craftsmanship.

Typically seen in high end dress shoes, but with a closet full of sneakers, Jeremy was very pleased to find that Cole Haan was releasing the LunarGrand Wingtips: a shoe with the body of a classic suede wingtip, with the sole (and soul) of the Nike LunarGlide running shoe:

Right now the suede wingtips come in 5 colorways for men. And at the SoHo store in NYC (where you'll find sales clerks talking about scoring some molly on a Friday night), you can find the new women's ones as well (I think the men's colors are better but what do I know).

Anyway back to my story: Though Young Jeremy wanted the shoes in all colors, he ultimately decided on just the grey/yellow ones for now (hellooo $250?!). But wait, what about fair maiden Mihal's needs...and wants...and back problems?? Soooo, I got myself a pair too. Of the men's shoes, not the women's (luckily I have big clown feet so I could fit into the smallest men's size):

So now we have his-and-hers LunarGrands. If you're going to take it there, and do his-and-hers anything, I recommend doing it with these shoes. You better act quickly though, these are limited edition and they're already on eBay for $300+.

God bless the LunarGrand...and God bless America.

Note: Didn't get paid, didn't get free shoes, didn't get anything from Cole Haan to write this. Blogger authenticity stamp, holler.

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veronika said...

You made fashion romantic. <3