Fall into the Gap?

Listen I don’t want to alarm anybody, but I might be shopping at the Gap this fall. The SND Duo has been flirting with the whole “back to basics” look for the past several months (not abandoning all flare, just engaging in a little light petting and hand-holding), and the Gap has got the basics down pizzat for the upcoming season.

They're clean, they're easy and they're foundational. What we love about basics is the liberty they give you to accessorize...with layers, color, jewelry, scarves ("so-called scarves" - heeeeey Miss Bruno!!!), head pieces, whatever blows your a-line skirt up.

There is a catch…it aint exactly cheap…and I’m a huge fan of Karl Lagerfeld’s assertion that one should either “Go either very cheap or very expensive. It's the middle ground that is fashion nowhere." The Gap doesn’t fit into this, it’s definitely more expensive than it should be, but not expensive enough to make it classy/vintage/super upscale expensive. I'd say it's roughly $20-$30 more than you'd spend at Forever 21 or H&M...but it probably lasts about 3 years longer.

If you can afford it, I say Godspeed, children. Dig for the basics, dress them up, and walk tall...cuz if you do it right, that's a basic recipe for "Basics" success.



Back...for Your 'Preciation

I don’t know how it happened…but somewhere between Rivington and the comeback of acid wash jeans, I lost my appetite. What used to fill me and nourish me and always leave me wanting more had somehow become bland…and made me a little bloated. The Scene. Thescenthescenethescene. So what’s a duo to do when their blog is based on, and inspired by, The Scene? Well step one, we felt, was to take a hiatus. When that got old and we started missing Snaps and Daps, step two inevitably called for a refocusing strategy. That didn’t work because…well frankly, our thoughts are a little unfocused. So step three became, we can no longer be a blog focused on the scene and all its buried treasures, local celebs, music, fashion and idiosyncrasies. Where does that leave us? Well nowhere really, which now makes us a blog on an adventure – through NYC, through racks of second hand clothing, through parties and not parties, through humidity and AC, through DJ’s and playlists, through day jobs and job searches, through “to buy gladiators or not to buy gladiators”, through drinks and technology and sex and our 20’s. We plan on enjoying ourselves…and we’re glad to have you back to enjoy it with us.

Say it with us now…