Images by Corinne Day (1965-2010)

Corinne Day, British fashion photog, former model, and close friend of Kate Moss passed last Friday. These pics are from a photo series Day took of Moss in the very early 90's, simply called "Fifteen". Moss's face is perfection...and that coquettish, innocent little nose crinkle??!! I live for it.


Just call me Kramer...

How about the fact that I have the same hairdo as Kramer...?

That's what he said...

I asked him if he wanted a plastic bag to take his extra stuff home.
He said
he won't carry plastic bags because they're tacky.


Maria Sharapova & Cole Haan F2010 Collab - An Interview

ph cred: Patrick McMullen

Last night Cole Haan and Interview Magazine hosted a party to celebrate the launch of tennis star Maria Sharapova's Fall 2010 collection. This is the third collection she has designed for Cole Haan and the soiree did more than salute it. Set in the posh Sky Room at the New Museum, DJ Lindsey killed it on the one's and two's, Todd Selby circulated as his signed prints waited patiently to be auctioned off for charity, and the who's who of industry insiders ate delicate hors d'oeuvres and delighted in the flawless view of the New York City skyline.

Not only did I get to meet photographer Todd Selby and Dan Ragone (top dog at Interview Magazine) - and not only did I get to chat with Cole Haan CEO Dave Mctague (one of the most humble and fascinating people I've met in this industry) - but I also got to interview the tallest, hottest, sweetest, blondest Russian tennis player out there: Maria Sharapova.

Mihal Freinquel: How would you describe your personal style off the court?
Maria Sharapova: My lifestyle is really hectic. I travel a lot, I'm always running around to meetings - a press conference, a meal after practice - so all of the pieces in my wardrobe are really representative of that crazy lifestyle. If it's a dress I want to make sure that it's versatile enough to either wear with boots or heels, or with a jacket over it or tights under it. I also like to accessorize so I can get more out of a casual outfit.

MF: In your collection with Cole Haan this season you have a pretty solid mix of heels and flats. Are you a heels or flats girl yourself?
MS: I'm a flats girl, I live in ballerinas. When I started working with Cole Haan I knew I wanted a really solid, comfortable ballet flat. We came up with the silouette and began with only three colors. They became so popular that now for Fall, a few years later, we have about ten or twelve colors - it's really exciting.

MF: On both your shoes and bags you're using a similar lace-up, corset-type detailing. Where did your inspiration come from for this?
MS: At my very first meeting with Cole Haan I had put together a lot of tear sheets and things that I had doodled. It was all a lot of lacing - French corset, Moulin Rouge style - and that concept always came back into every meeting we had. I like it because it's feminine, it's young, and you can dress it up or down.

MF: Do you plan to continue collaborating with Cole Haan?
MS: Definitely, this is a long-term partnership. We started with very few colors and styles, and now we have double or triple what we started off with. We're really seeing things grow now, it's awesome. It's amazing for me to see people wearing my stuff - the way they wear it, what they wear it with. I saw a girl wearing one of my designs in my hotel in Paris and I just wanted to hug her! It was so exciting!

Could she be any sweeter? I have a toothache! Or maybe it was all the sugar I ate from the candy table.
Candy photo by me, other 2 Billy Farrell
Happy Shopping.


Wilde-ly Monochromatic

"Looking good and dressing well is a necessity. Having a purpose in life is not." ~ Oscar Wilde

i-D Pre-Fall 2010


SANG A: Baring Skin Ain't Just for Summer

This post is not for the weak of stomach. It's not for the PETA members...or even the PETA supporters really. It's for the triple-bacon-cheeseburger-eating, fashion-at-all-costs-wearing, ostentatious, tactile indulging, lovers of all things hardcore and politically incorrect. This accessories brand is at the top of the food chain, accepts no prisoners, and looks so excruciatingly beautiful doing it. I bring you: SANG A.

SANG A, launched by Sang A Im-Propp in 2006, is an accessories brand made almost exclusively of exotic skins and leathers (they have a few fabric pieces in the new collection). What do I mean when I say "exotic"? I mean things that slither and crawl and scamper, things that say "ttttsssssssssss" and have venom inside them: python, sea snake, alligator, lizard, fish, ostrich, fox, and of course leather and suede. I can see your OMG faces through the screen. Before I go on, take a look at some of this stuff:

Of course my first question to them was: "Well obviously PETA has come at you on some red paint business, right?" The rep said no. "Well you guys must have some sort of statement ready in case you get crazy famous and animal rights people are on your jock, right?" Again, he said no.

So I dropped it. Maybe the folks at SANG A are banking on what we all bank on when we start an unconventional or daring business venture - that people will see the intense beauty of it, and leave the rest alone. And boooy have they nailed the intense beauty part. The bold colors, the vivid patterns, the unique textures...it was truly awe inspiring. Like God herself beamed down, killed all the cool looking animals on the planet, shipped their skins to a showroom in SoHo, and turned them into bags and bracelets and businesscard holders. It seems fitting, really, that such beauty can only come from nature itself.

I wish a lot of luck to the friendly people of SANG A...and a lot of red paint-free days to come.

Happy Shopping.

Behind the Scenes: SANG A Showroom Photos

Behind the scenes photos make the world go 'round. Here are some pics from my tour of the SANG A Showroom:

RITZ Fox Clutch - closed and open


FLASH Clutches - Made from leather

WAY Soft Barrel Tote - Made from natural matte mango snake with black square embroidered leather & black suede.

One of my fav's - the FLORA Convertible Shopper/Large Clutch, made of black grid embroidered leather...drooooool.


More adventures with American Apparel Girl!

As some of you folks know...American Apparel holds me doooooooooooooown. They send me goodies from time to time. Some of the stuff they send me I wear every day (literally, it's kind of disgusting)...other stuff I wear only as my outrageously sexual and ostentatious alter ego: American Apparel Girl. What I got today:
Nylon Tricot Floral Lace Cycle Shorts in Forrest

Tri-Blend Racerback Tank in Tri-Lemon
(Dear Tank, I'll be wearing you everyday)

Pointelle Ankle Sock (2 pack) - 1 black pair and 1 butter pair (meaning yellow,
even though it doesn't look that way in this pic) - super lacy and cute.

American Apparel is pretty much one of the only places I'll spend money on clothes these days. At this point it's been almost exclusively narrowed down to Goodwill, Salvation Army, American Apparel, occaaaaaaaaaaaasionally Urban Outfitters (what can I say, I'm a sucker for their high rise jeans).

The AA harem pants...live in em. Their v-necks and tanks...live in em. Their gold spandex dresses...well, never say never.


Quote: Badu

"Now keep in mind that I'm an Artist...and I'm sensitive about my shit." - Erykah Badu


INTERMIXing on a Rooftop

Last night I hit up a classic NYC industry summer rooftop party at Skylight West - hosted by fashion hub-host and multi-brand retailer, Intermix. Like the brands that Intermix associates itself with, the party boasted a myriad of eye candy for the important, semi-important, self-important, upwardly trending, and hangers-on to stare at. John Legend and his Sports Illustrated lady friend Christine Teigen, Hilary Rhoda, the members of bands Locksley and Deluka (who also performed), designers, stylists, PR girls, and of course, a butt-ton of models.

Fashionwise, the night was a complete mix...an intermix, if you will (oh Mihal, stop). Downtown funky, Eastside elegant, Meatpacking trashy and Chelsea too-fabulous. Everybody dresses like they're sombody - and even if you hate on one's outfit, you can't help but take a step back and appreciate the effort and intention that went into it. Perfect, really, considering that the party was thrown by a brand that not only aims to target every woman's unique sense of style and love of fashion, but aspires to represent "the best mix of emerging and established designers."

Go ahead now, indulge the industry voyeur inside that we all know you have - take a look at some images:

ph by me and Guest of a Guest

Thanks for the invite, happy shopping!


minc tanks x ferality

I'm a little late in posting this - bizzy bizzy. My shirts are selling at a store on the LES in NYC. It's called Ferality and it's owned by my homegirl Blake. Allow me to steal some images from their blog :)

the turquoise and white tanks are my design, minc tanks!

my boys stopped by - will johnson (aka gordon voidwell) on the right there, guillermo brown in the middle

yours truly - sassy frassy