SANG A: Baring Skin Ain't Just for Summer

This post is not for the weak of stomach. It's not for the PETA members...or even the PETA supporters really. It's for the triple-bacon-cheeseburger-eating, fashion-at-all-costs-wearing, ostentatious, tactile indulging, lovers of all things hardcore and politically incorrect. This accessories brand is at the top of the food chain, accepts no prisoners, and looks so excruciatingly beautiful doing it. I bring you: SANG A.

SANG A, launched by Sang A Im-Propp in 2006, is an accessories brand made almost exclusively of exotic skins and leathers (they have a few fabric pieces in the new collection). What do I mean when I say "exotic"? I mean things that slither and crawl and scamper, things that say "ttttsssssssssss" and have venom inside them: python, sea snake, alligator, lizard, fish, ostrich, fox, and of course leather and suede. I can see your OMG faces through the screen. Before I go on, take a look at some of this stuff:

Of course my first question to them was: "Well obviously PETA has come at you on some red paint business, right?" The rep said no. "Well you guys must have some sort of statement ready in case you get crazy famous and animal rights people are on your jock, right?" Again, he said no.

So I dropped it. Maybe the folks at SANG A are banking on what we all bank on when we start an unconventional or daring business venture - that people will see the intense beauty of it, and leave the rest alone. And boooy have they nailed the intense beauty part. The bold colors, the vivid patterns, the unique textures...it was truly awe inspiring. Like God herself beamed down, killed all the cool looking animals on the planet, shipped their skins to a showroom in SoHo, and turned them into bags and bracelets and businesscard holders. It seems fitting, really, that such beauty can only come from nature itself.

I wish a lot of luck to the friendly people of SANG A...and a lot of red paint-free days to come.

Happy Shopping.

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