Erin by Erin Fetherston

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak at the Erin by Erin Fetherston Autumn-Winter 2011 collection...and it was goooorgeous. Feminine and flirty - lots of flowy bohemian silhouettes (my fav!!) but still some elegant, structured pieces to balance it out.

Ms. Fetherston was there and showed me a few of her favorite pieces. A very sweet gal with the most perfectly shaped platinum cut ever. Enjoy the vid!

Erin by Erin Fetherston A/W 2011 from Mihal Freinquel on Vimeo.

Thanks to the EF Crew for the invite, and thanks to my girl Tecla for the song :)

STYLE ICON: Anjelica Huston

There aren't many celebs that make my jaw drop. Yesterday, however, I saw the legendary Anjelica Huston up close and personal and I was totally floored. She's stunning. She's poised. It felt comparable to what I imagine it would have been like to see Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn.

When I googled her I found all of theses amazing pics of when she was younger...I'm celeb-crushing so hard. Observe my Anjelica collage...my Anjelicollage:


iChat, uChat

iChatting with Kadeem Johnson is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. He really just wanted my help with homework (something about why Tumblr is awesome?!), but I made him pose for pictures instead:

Kadeem focuses while I try to distract him with my bendy bracelet (that's a screenshot of his homework that he sent me)

you rep the east and I shall rep the west - NOTICE KADEEM WITHOUT HIS RINGS - that's an exclusive shot folks...


maxi skirts o' plenty

We call know fashion is cyclical. Shoulder pads were hot in the 1930's, then disappeared for several decades, reemerging with fervor in the 80's, then dying and coming out again the last few years. Guys these days are going nuts for the modified and accessorized suit look which is fully a 1950's sensibility...which is actually a 1920's vibe.

Now? Well, we're all familiar with the bohemian style of the 1960's & 70's - I was wholeheartedly into it in the early 90's. Now like clockwork it has reared it's peaceful, loving head once again with the popularity of the maxi.
One of my style icons Patti Smith working the maxi look in the 70's

Maxi skirts in particular - well they're not just special vintage finds anymore. The most popular stores are taking full advantage of the trend. 
Urban Outfitters:

And of course, American Apparel:

Throw away your razors girls, this spring is all about covering up those legs (even if the material is 100% see-through). Don't take your Birkenstocks out of storage just yet though. My vote is to pair these skirts with some tough combat boots or super chunky wedges for maximum edge.


Type F? More like Type Laaaame

So, former supermodel Tyra Banks now has a fashion and beauty website. As if a wildly successful modeling career, a reality show, a talk show and millions of dollars wasn't enough - Tyra has now taken to the web to mold young minds and impart some worldly wisdom. The site is called Type F and the tagline is: Fashion and Beauty Tailored for You.

I'm going to give Tyra the benefit of the doubt and assume she just hasn't gotten around to looking at the site yet - what, with the multitude of the other endeavors and all. I'm having a really tough time believing that queen Tyra would sign off on pages that look like this:

If website layouts could be dated back to the early 80's, I'd place this one there.

Type F for Fail. Like you tell your Top Model rejects, Tyra: you must immediately return to the house, pack your belongings, and go home.


screw this

I haven't been big on earrings recently - but when I saw these Phillips head screw earrings I died. No idea why, but this jewelry just spoke to me...it screamed at me actually....it shouted "Mihaaaaaaaal...COME AND GET ME WOMAN!"

...so I did:

I feel a certain kinda way about symmetrical earring-wearing, so I've been wearing them both in the same ear. What other practical household items turned jewelry will they think of next??!


What the what?!! Black Shatter nail polish by OPI...

Ok I think this is probably really old news, but I just came upon this Black Shatter nail polish by OPI and I'm kind of into it:
What is it? I'm still kind of unclear. But apparently the polish cracks as it dries and creates this kind of broken/chipped look. No idea where the silver part emerges from, but whatevs. Do I love it? Yes I do. Is it just a fancy version of my naturally chipping black nail polish that I'm too lazy to take off? Yeah basically.


HEARTTHROB: Ricky from My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life: The 90's TV show that every angsty teen lived for, and all nervous parents made us turn off. It dealt with school and sex and friendship and parents - the only things that mattered to teenagers really (this was all before uber technology, of course). And it was all told through the eyes of the highly awkward but fully charming Angela Chase (Claire Danes).

The show was canceled after just one season (at which point MTV started playing reruns for years), and I re-watched a bunch of it this weekend. I've already seen every episode at least 5 times, but this time I noticed something I've never noticed before! Ricky - Angela's gay bestie - has the FLYEST style ever!! So every time he was in a scene I took a screen shot (hence the blurriness of some of the photos). Observe:
...and it's not like high school shows today, where the characters wear new outfits every day. The last photo shows Ricky recycling a vest on two different days, worn two fabulously different ways. He's also always rocking a red ribbon (supporting the fight against AIDS) which is a great touch.

Below is the scene that taught me who Kafka was (who I would read a few years later in high school) - peep Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano (swooooooon!)


come to me: bjorg jewelry

The other day my buddy sent me a link to witness the glory that is Bjorg Jewelry. These Norwegian designers make bangles & cuffs, chains, earrings, necklaces and rings among other essentials...and...they're...SICK. Not only are their accessories incredibly unique and bohemian, but the imagery in their 2011 lookbook is totally transcendental - I feel like a monk meditating on a mountain just looking at it.

Want more? (How could you not?!)
Visit their online store here.


come to me: woven shoes

I've been obsessing over woven shoes. I don't own any yet, I just gawk at them. They're perfect for spring...and summer...and well, fall too I guess. Here are some of my fav's:

 From left: Senso Rigg, Jeffrey Campbell So Much, Senso Ruzzy - all avail on Solestruck

There's something bohemian and earthy about them, but they're also kind of rock n roll. I got to try those Senso Ruzzy ones on a while ago and they're nearly impossible to walk in. But then again, who needs to walk when you look that good??!!

Oh and duders, don't think I forgot about you. Trying to get your bohemian Buena Vista Social Club on? These Jeffrey Campbells will help you get there: