Type F? More like Type Laaaame

So, former supermodel Tyra Banks now has a fashion and beauty website. As if a wildly successful modeling career, a reality show, a talk show and millions of dollars wasn't enough - Tyra has now taken to the web to mold young minds and impart some worldly wisdom. The site is called Type F and the tagline is: Fashion and Beauty Tailored for You.

I'm going to give Tyra the benefit of the doubt and assume she just hasn't gotten around to looking at the site yet - what, with the multitude of the other endeavors and all. I'm having a really tough time believing that queen Tyra would sign off on pages that look like this:

If website layouts could be dated back to the early 80's, I'd place this one there.

Type F for Fail. Like you tell your Top Model rejects, Tyra: you must immediately return to the house, pack your belongings, and go home.

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