maxi skirts o' plenty

We call know fashion is cyclical. Shoulder pads were hot in the 1930's, then disappeared for several decades, reemerging with fervor in the 80's, then dying and coming out again the last few years. Guys these days are going nuts for the modified and accessorized suit look which is fully a 1950's sensibility...which is actually a 1920's vibe.

Now? Well, we're all familiar with the bohemian style of the 1960's & 70's - I was wholeheartedly into it in the early 90's. Now like clockwork it has reared it's peaceful, loving head once again with the popularity of the maxi.
One of my style icons Patti Smith working the maxi look in the 70's

Maxi skirts in particular - well they're not just special vintage finds anymore. The most popular stores are taking full advantage of the trend. 
Urban Outfitters:

And of course, American Apparel:

Throw away your razors girls, this spring is all about covering up those legs (even if the material is 100% see-through). Don't take your Birkenstocks out of storage just yet though. My vote is to pair these skirts with some tough combat boots or super chunky wedges for maximum edge.

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