Remember Theater?

And we call ourselves bohemians...

It ain't just music and parties, people. Our creative comrads be up on some other ish too--remember theater? Word.

If you dare to venture north of Houston, we got a destination that will make your trip worthwhile. The 78th Street Theatre Lab is putting on a Clifford Odets show called "Till the Day I Die." It is the story of two opposing forces--a military government and the rebel group--determined to fight for equal rights. When rebel leader, Ernst, is taken in for questioning the line between right and wrong is blurred, and each character must find the truth for themselves amongst the chaos of war (woop woop JR!). From what I hear they've got some fabulous talent up in there...and how often do you find that?

It's playing tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday)...for tickets click here. Snaps and Daps will be there on Wednesday, come say wassup!


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