Can't Touch This...Or Caaan You?

Some call them Harem Pants, some call them tapered balloon pants, among us 90's kids the most logical name for them can only be...MC Hammer pants. You remember the Hammer!!

And, of course, you remember his PANTS!!


Ok we know it's not old news that these are popular again. They've been making a comeback for a while now - in fact, I'm pretty sure Dushane and I saw one brave soul sporting them on the train last winter. But this combination of skinny pants, wide leg pants and sweat pants (?!) were aaaall over the Spring 2009 Collection runway shows. Take a look below:

Alexander Wang

Ralph Lauren


Naomi Campbell even worked them out for a fierce YSL Fall/Winter 2008-2009 campaign.

I feel really mixed about these pants. On the one hand, I think they're oddly flattering. They create a small waist, they're casual yet dressy at the same time and just when we thought skinny jeans were the be-all end-all of pants, Hammers are definitely something new. On the other hand, once I shake off my fascination with fashion and models and glitter, I realize that the small percentage of women that can actually wear these pants is disturbingly small...and I'm even more disturbed with the image of the much larger percentage of women who will try to pull them off and fail miserably. With that said, I have always been an advocate for fashion experiementation. What might the Forever 21/H&M version look like on normal people? Well I don't know, if you have photoshop be my guest and do a little cut and paste with this:

Sigh...the prospects aren't looking good, but I haven't totally lost hope. My mind is open, and if you can show me how to pull it off without being 5'10" and 120 lbs, my wallet will be open too. Hell, send your "pulling-it-off" pics to snapsanddaps@gmail.com and we'll put them on the blog!! Happy shopping and godspeed.


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