eBay hunt: the brown leather backpack

The latest eBay hunt began several months ago when my mom asked me where she could find a big leather backpack for her trip to Europe. Me, being the diligent and leather-obsessed daughter that I am - went on eBay for her to check out the potential. Checking out turned into zillions of "Add to my watch list" clicks...for myself...mom who? I still haven't made the leap - but here's what I've been stalking:

The brown leather backpack (preferably vintage, duh). I want it oversized, I want it worn, I want it to have texture and buckles and plenty of compartments (inside or out, I don't care). Based on my Watch Lists, the cheapest I'll be able to find for what I want is about $40-50, not including shipping. I'll let you know if I indulge.

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Szabom said...

you should link me up on some of those!