how to make short legs look longer

I have pretty short legs. Not crazy short, but like, definitely not long. Sometimes I look at really leggy girls crossing their legs...how one just casually flops over the other (while they're smoking cigarettes probably)...and I think to myself, um, mine don't look like that when I do that whatthefuck?!

Anyway, over the years I've figured out ways to make my legs look, well...less short. And, though I'd never claim to be able to draw, I put together a little visual to accompany my guide: How to Make Short Legs Look Longer...there are just 3 simple rules:

You'll notice I tried to avoid drawing the actual bodies...a gal can only tackle so much. 

So here we go:
  1. High Waisted Jeans: The top of your jeans should sit right above your bellybutton. This cuts off your torso, making it appear shorter, hence making legs look longer. Tuck in your shirt for bonus points. My suggestion: Urban Outfitters' BDG brand makes a hellofa high waisted jean - HERE
  2. Obscenely Tall Shoes: I say screw heels and go with wedges or platforms on this one - they're more comfortable...especially when dealing with shoes in the 4-5 inches range (which you should be). Tall shoes = longer legs...duh. A no brainer for this is Jeffrey Campbell. Though I don't actually own any myself (I prefer to keep it a little less mainstream, yeah yeah yeah I know), JC is a respectable place to start - HERE
  3. All Black (Everything): Yes, you've heard it before and you'll hear it again - all black is the way to go. It solves fat-feeling issues, it solves short leg syndrome, I've even been told it solves world hunger. Combine this one with rules 1 & 2 and you're basically Naomi Campbell - black high waisted pants, black obscenely tall shoes, and black everything else. Buy black stuff anywhere you want...most of mine hails from Salvation Army. 
And with these three guidelines my list comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed my attempt at drawing as well. Godspeed running this race we call fashion with your short little legs. 


Cleon said...

Hahahaha. Damn Mihal, why so fly? "Combine this one with rules 1 & 2 and you're basically Naomi Campbell" hahaha - my favorite style writer hands down.

Juju said...

Duly noted. Today I'm wearing high waisted bright orange pants and clogs. Definitely not helping my own short-legged cause. I endeavor to improve. It is Naomi Campbell I aspire to be after all.