old navy beats american apparel?!

By now, most people who pay attention know about American Apparel's iconic v-neck:

It's lightweight, it's soft, it's uber-casual...oh and it's $24. For some, $24 for a tri-blend v-neck is whatever, but for some of us - who prefer to look like schleppy bums at a low cost - well, we need a better deal. Enter Old Navy...WHAT? Yeah, Old Navy...

Old Navy has a whole wall of lightweight cotton v-necks right now for their "basics" collection. On the site it says they're $10.50, but I got mine for $8.50 in the store. And even though this picture makes the shirt look form-fitting...they're totally amorphous and loose - perfect actually.

Oh and in case you're trying to do the math in your head, let me save you the trouble - the American Apparel t-shirts are almost 3-times as much as the Old Navy ones.

Godspeed shoppers.

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