I Am William Rast

Aaaahhh fashion week in NYC. While I'm normally pretty much a gramma...staying in watching "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery, going out to dinner occasionally, shopping, and spinning...last night I kicked up my heels (actually I was wearing moccasins) at the William Rast fashion show.

The new line by Justin Timberlake and his partner Trace Ayala - the clothes were rugged and sexy, the music was country rock, and the set/hospitality/venue was on point (HOLLER MKG PRODUCTIONS) - rustic southern scene meets urban city fashion meets...Erin Wasson swagger? (Wasson was there by the way and she looked a-maaazing). A series of promo videos featuring JT and EW were created for the line - here is a compilation of all of them:

Pretty fiery.

Let me say this though, the line, in my opinion...not-so-vaguely reminiscent of Alexander Wang's Spring 2008 RTW line. Roughed up denim shorts, basics in neutral tones up top, and a kind of layered sloppy-chic look. Yes, WR has stompy boots and plaid and lots of fringe, where as AW's S2008RTW line stuck to flats, flowy light silky materials, and few embellishments. But the denim, the leather, the fit, the colors...I'm sorry was I the only one seeing this? Let's do a little comparison:


William Rast

In both looks we've got an oversized blazer, denim cut offs, and a plain(ish) top. Accessorized differently, of course.


William Rast

Ok the materials are different, but c'mon...


William Rast

OK I'm not gonna go look by look, but if you'd like to do a comparison for yourself, here is Wang's line, and here's William Rast.


Reminiscent or not, the show was dope nonetheless folks. It brought me out of the house, into fashion week. The glitz, the glamor, the weathered benches and canned beer in buckets...I'm not a nobody!

I'm not a gramma!

I am William Rast.



Always In Style said...

Sure, there are parallels but I was a bit confused by the items like buffalo check capes and black leather jackets...for Spring, really Justin? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I'm so jealous that you got to go! It seems like it was an entertaining show and I do like the looks.


Fashionista Diary said...

not very original!!! i totally agree with you!! such a shame. but i am sure mr jt will be making loads of dollars.. he is jt after all xo