Fancy Footwork

Picture this:

You're on your way to work. Lovely sunny day, nice breeze, morning drink of choice in hand (coffee, smoothie...vodka?). You're walking a bit quicker than the rest of the foot traffic because, well you like to walk fast and you got places to go and people to see. Zip past the old lady with the terrier, chasse by the man in the Armani suit, and...

UGH. Stuck behind the woman in the tweed skirt and oversized turtleneck. You move to pass her on the right...she moves right. Shake it off. You move to pass her on the left...she moves left. Sigh. Try right once again, and again she moves with you. For this annoying footwork, I have coined the term...homegirl is "walking diagonal".

From this term, I wrote a song...well actually it's a rap. Children should avert there eyes because there are a fair amount of expletives:

Bitch! Why you walkin' diagonal?! I'm tryna walk straight but you walkin' diagonal!Get out my way bitch, stop walkin' like that, You actin 'outta place bitch...walk straight bitch!
You can really just keep adding and adding and adding, but I'll stop for now. Since this little limerick was created a few months ago, it has morphed into a lingo of its own. Now people can act diagonal (ie. she trippin, she buggin, she wildin, she actin diagonal) - or they can just be diagabitches...diagahos...diagaheifers...pic your poison.

Like, "'prece", SND encourages you to adopt the word "diagonal" as your own. Try using it in a sentence today.


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