A few of the things I 'prece...

With a job that takes up all your time, life can sometimes become...
You fit things in where you can, when you can - the gym, catching up with friends, eating real meals, relaxing, hell...even thinking - real thinking. Thoughts become less stream of consciousness and more flashing images, because your mind is only allowed to wander when you have time to let it.

You're eating lunch and you think to yourself, damn, I love avocados, I wish there were some in my salad. Avocados are the best...RING RIIIING - thought interrupted.

Then you're responding to an email and you get a gchat from your friend - he tells you a story, you have a giggle (or an "lol", if you will), then realize oops, I was doing something important - moment with friend is paused with a "brb".

You get what I mean? Nothing seems continuous or natural or...hang on somebody's at the door.
So anyway I've been having some fragmented thoughts, and I'm gonna share with you some of the things I've been thinking about that I really 'prece...in no order of importance.

#1 - I have never...I repeat NEVER seen a photo of Gwen Stefani with roots.
Dunno how she does it. And I'm not sure I want to know. I'd like to think she has an assistant with her at all times with a little squeezy bottle of bleach...ready at a moment's notice for a touch up. Moving on...

#2 - That show Singled Out...Jenny McCarthy was a wackadoodle and I loved it. I wish so badly that show was in syndication.

I mean no, you just can't say anything bad about that show. It's perfectly 90's and beats any reality show on today. Yes it lost a little steam when Carmen Electra took Jenny's place, but I'm not even mad at that.

Finally #3 - I'm really truly down with these lace tights that I'm starting to see everywhere:
How can something be so skanky and so sophisticated all at the same time? I have no idea, but I want it now.

I suppose that's it for now. It's fitting, really, because I have work to attend to before I get my ass in bed. Until next time people...good luck with your day jobs, try not to lose too many of your own thoughts.


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Lesli said...

you got it right about those fragmented thoughts...1/2 attentions and considerations. But even with a day job you manage to write a completely engaging quirky post.