Brain Blue Balls

Hello!!! I suck.

I haven't posted in way too long. This time, though, I actually have an excuse. I'm doing a little freelance gig and been working craaaazy hours. It's terrible and I love it...and it makes me very tired and energetic all at the same time. But I miss writing horribly.

I think about new things to write about everyday and the creative juices just keep building and building and building...it's like blue balls for the brain.

So bear with me...I'm as horribly tortured not writing as you are not reading. Well, maybe you're not feeling tortured, but I know you miss me at least a little. Here's the best part...when I google imaged "I suck" this is what came up:
Ps remember what I said about message t's? I maintain. Jeeeez.

I'll be back as soon as I can, the weekend is looking promising, though I may or may not have to work on Saturday.


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