Phillip Lim meets Christian Louboutin

K I lied, no real time to think and write this weekend. I've been working non-stop yesterday and today (with the exception of brunch with the bestie)...so this one's gonna be short.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep and flipping through my Nylon magazine, I found these Louboutins in an editorial spread and haven't been able to think about anything since:
I woke up this morning with Louboutin on the brain, and after working for a few hours I decided to indulge in a little web browsing. Turns out Louboutin joined forces with Phillip Lim for his Spring 2009 collection. I can almost hear Louboutin fans everywhere sighing a collective "omg" from all corners of the world. Ruffles and python and patent oh my!!

Well that's my shoegasm for the day.

Speaking of shoegasms, thank you all for your blister concern (from the Fryes), they cleared up and now I'm walking tall and comfortably :).


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