The thing about skirts...

Yesterday I had a beautiful Astoria brunch with my pals Sabel and Chris. Dining with possibly 2 of the most stylish people in the neighborhood, the conversation inevitably turned to fashion. Studs and metal work, man tank tops, colorful sunglasses, high waisted shorts, accessories, and...SKIRTS. Growing up, skirts were a summer staple (in the winter they were too...over pants. I know, I don't wanna talk about it). Plaid skirts, denim skirts, cargo skirts - long, short, knee length skirts - worn with tank tops, halter tops and tube tops...you know the look.
and no thank you.

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but I'm gonna say sometime around 2003, my sense of style started changing and skirts disappeared 100% from my wardrobe. And now that summer is upon us once again, and I find myself wearing the same outfits every day (DAMN SUMMER CLOTHES), I feel as though I'm at a loss and missing out on a whole plethora of outfit possibilities.

I just don't know how to wear skirts. I don't know what to wear them with and I don't know what kinds look good on me. I'd much rather wear shorts or pants or a dress. So, being the truly inquisitive style detective that I am, I began scouring the blogs and runways and online stores for cute looks involving skirts. This is what I found:
Alexander Wang, Cocorosa, Karla's Closet, F21

Ok...I have no choice but to stop here. I looked far and wide - Google searches, fashion blog scrolling, and I devoured style.com. Seems other people aren't really wearing skirts either. The bloggers are all wearing dresses for summer, the runway skirts are all over-the-top and poofy, and the online store looks are all super cheesy.

Aaand I find myself pretty much at square one - still having a really tough time with skirts. The only positive conclusion that I've come to is that I think I might be able to wear them high waisted, with shirts tucked into them. The rules are obviously different with tall skinny girls who have 7 foot long legs and whose thighs don't touch - they can pull them off any way they so choose:
So, my conclusion? I still don't really know what to do with skirts. I still don't like summer wardrobe options. I will continue to wear the same outfits every day for the next 2 months and hope that summer doesn't extend longer into Fall months - because I love fall...my wardrobe thrives in Fall.

That's all.



btrilogy said...

haha, i was just dealing with this at the beginning of summer. like you said the highwaisted look seems to be the way to go (add an awesome belt to top it off). I was inspired by Fran Fyne from The Nanny :P
also if you like the bohemian look..you could rock long flowing skirts.

plaid skirts for women said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE these! Gorgeous!!