When more isn't necessarily better...

I'm a huge fan of leather jackets. They can be casual, dressed up - they're cool, edgy, always relevant and in style, and they can be matched with basically anything. Not to mention they're just friggin sexy.

When are they not edgy and sexy and in style? When they're LONG. I saw a woman in a long leather jacket on the train today and I thought to myself, "there's absolutely NO WAY a person can wear a knee or full-length leather jacket and not look like they just stepped out of The Matrix". Need proof? Observe:

I just can't shake it - all I can think of is Morpheus and neon green beams of light and things plugged into the back of heads.
That amount of leather is just totally overwhelming. It's like you're literally wearing a cow. Cut, process, drape. If you're going to wear that much leather I'd rather see you in a catsuit.
Otherwise, let's just stick to hip/waist length shall we? Here's leather jackets gone right:
WHOA...sorry I got a little carried away there. Leather jackets (when done right) are just so perfectly posh! Ugh...leathergasm.



Glove Slap said...

I beg to differ this time. This is a general rule, but there's an exception to every rule, and 50% of the time, the exception is me. I have a leather coat (no, actually PLEATHER!!!) and it looks real good. Don't believe me? I'd send you a photo but I don't know how.

Mihal said...

hahah email me a photo!! snapsanddaps@gmail.com!!