When Snaps goes this way and Daps goes that way...

Greetings!! Those of you extremely loyal readers know that Snaps and Daps started as a duo blog - written by best friends in the whole wide world, Mihal and Dushane. That was about 2 years ago and since that time a thing or two has changed. Namely, Dushane is super busy and I, generally, am not. So I've inadvertently taken over the blog and taken it in all kinds of crazy directions. In the meantime Dushane has started in his own crazy direction (some nerdy pop-intellectualism mayhem) and started a separate blog called: The Post Cool. Yes, we're still best friends in the whole wide world - and yes Snaps and Daps will forever be our love child, but now I've moved to a new world and taken our child (the blog) with me. Check out his blog because he's one philosophical, articulate, crazy motherfucker and I know you'll 'prece him as much as I do.
Much love Du!!



Lesli said...

yea the best friendies are doing their own thang- 2 creative creatures expanding their worlds and ours

Anonymous said...