Model as Muse in the Flesh

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon in NYC, Dushane and I visited The Met to see the "Model as Muse" exhibit. Though we weren't allowed to take photos, I was on a mission...and I tried to sneak them in whenever possible (there are more photos that I didn't take in my previous post on the exhibit).

Though pretty small and short, the whole thing was really great in my humble opinion. It definitely sparked quite a bit of conversation between the two of us (but then again, what doesn't?). It explores models, designers and trends throughout the last 7 or 8 decades, and it's a totally multimedia presentation - photos, videos, music, and of course, mannequins draped in beautiful clothes. I'll try and let the photos speak for themselves:
The dress in the photo is the same on on display!

The amount of back issues they had of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar were pretty freakin astounding.

The 80's, House of Chanel - lots of gold and leather mixed with feminine silhouettes.

The 90's...Nirvana played on the speakers and there were photos galore of all of my fav 90's models - including, of course, my girlfriend Kate Moss.

Then we roamed around the rest of the museum...here are a few rando pics from that:
Dushane: "I'd totally have sex with a medieval chick."

Monet far away and close up...gotta say I love the dude.

Me making a disturbance. I call it: "Cartwheels Amid the Modern Art"

Dushane upon seeing the gigantic Mao painting: "Wowza...Maoza!"

Trying to get a pic of our Met pins.

So that's that. I encourage all of you to get over there and check it out for yourselves - I know my lack of photos leaves much to be desired - what can I say, those fuckers certainly run a tight "no photos" shift.

Hope yall had a great weekend. Oh and I'll give you a heads up now, I'm starting another freelance gig tomorrow for the summer so my posting will def be a bit more sporadic, but I'll do my best to stay consistent :).


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