Bloggers Wear: Crushed Velvet

"Bloggers Wear": Highlighting items that bloggers wear, how they wear them, and what they're thinking while they do. Today's edition: the 90's alt-girl's favorite - Crushed Velvet.

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When people talk about the 90's, like when they act nostalgic about the music or the fashion...I just like, can't deal. They bring up vague references to Nirvana - completely missing legendary bands like Smashing Pumpkins or Bush or The Cranberries. They think that plaid shirts tied around the waist like, ruled the 90's because they saw Angela Chase doing it. Uh, hello - babydoll dresses? Airwalks? Colorful animal barrettes? So anyway, like when it comes up in conversation I don't even bother caring about what these reckless assholes are talking about...because how could I even begin to describe my undying, totally sincere love for songs like Tonight, Tonight...or my profound idolization of Gwen Stefani in her blue hair and skirts-over-pants days...or of course, the close personal connection I have to crushed velvet.

I don't know anything about current trends or it-girls or the best parties or newest hot bands - as far as I'm concerned, youth culture died with the Y2K panic. I still listen to a discman and my 387 CD's are organized alphabetically and by genre. I still have my 5-inch platform raver boots from 8th grade, and the only things I buy off of eBay are wall tapestries and vintage tshirts that I foolishly donated when I went to college...and I'm pretty sure I'm just buying back the same exact ones for like 15 times the price.

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Disclaimer: If you are a blogger who has been featured on this, or any Bloggers Wear any post, please know it is with respectful sarcasm that I post and poke fun at you and your garments. All is fair in love and blogging. Peace out.

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maiah said...

I am overwhelmed by the amount of crushed velvet. I feel drawn to either buy some and wear it, or throw some away. Totally torn.