Last week at the hair salon I was flipping through a recent W Mag and came across a multiple-page spread, photographed by Mario Sorrenti, of Dakota Fanning and her sister. I stopped - transfixed - when I arrived at this image:

Platinum hair, white dresses, white background and black lips

Inspired, I embarked on an aggressive quest to find some black lipstick for myself. No, not super dark brown (which I have), not extra dark red (which I also have)...but BLACK...and matte. I searched far and wide, including digging deep in my memory for the most gothic-style brands of like, 1994: Hot Topic, Manic Panic, even Ricky's didn't have the proper stick.

So what'd I end up doing? I bought a black Stila Smudge Pot from Sephora - black gel eyeliner. It's matte, it's very black, it's smooth, AND I can also use it as an eyeliner! The results:

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