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Tavi Talks Conventional Beauty Standards and the Privilege of Hotties 


Tavi Gevinson bewilders the heck out of me. The 15 year old fashionista and author of blog Style Rookie comes to us from another era. She's sassy, she's perceptive, she's irreverent and she's eloquent beyond her years. When she first rose to popularity there was some speculation as to whether or not she actually wrote her blog, because really...how could an 11 year old from the Midwest be so friggin precocious? Style-wise, eh, in my opinion she dresses like any other quirky teenager with supportive parents and access to a Salvation Army. But this girl can write...and she can think...and that, in combination with dressing like Kurt Cobain meets fairy princess meets Gramma Millie, well, that makes her remarkable. [...]

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