come to me: Tangier Leopard Print Boots

I've always had an affinity for leopard print. It's true, say hello to wee-Mihal:

Yes, that's me and my mom (in pink undies)...proof that I've been up on this trend for a few decades now.

Anyway...leopard print. Don't ask me why, but I was recently perusing the Steve Madden site (I know, what?!) and came across these badboys:

Steve Madden Tangier Leopard Print Boots. Perfectly funk, perfectly rock n roll...also kind of perfectly former hippie mom circa 1987 (like mine).


Veronika said...

Oh my God, that picture is amazing. I hope I have ones just like that when I have kids one day! There are 2 kinds of people in this world, I'm convinced - those who wear leopard print and those who don't.

Mihal said...

preach sister