an ode to Dr. Martens

Dear Dr. Martens,

Oh how I love you...I really do. I've loved you since I owned my first pair of original black 3-eye shoes in 1995, and I love you even more now for my pair of white 8-eye boots:

But listen, Dr. - I'm kind of having a problem. You see, though I've worn these white boots on and off for about 2 years, they continue to give me debilitating blisters every time. Let me show you some of the left over crusty blister blood:

(I think maybe the stain looks more impressive in real life?). So anyway, after visiting your store in SoHo a few days ago, I've decided my only recourse is to buy a new pair...made of canvas...these ones:

Thanks Doc, wish me luck...see you on the other side.

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