Bloggers Wear: Neon

"Bloggers Wear": Highlighting items that bloggers wear, how they wear them, and what they're thinking while they do. Today's edition: neon clothing and accessories...specifically this particularly heinous shade of chartreuse neon.

she's under the spell, where did u get that, vashtie kola, andre judd, oracle fox (above: ruby tanjarine)

You know how people intentionally wear things that are widely acknowledged as hideous just to prove that they they're different and don't care what people think? Well, that's TOTALLY NOT me. Trust me, I ACTUALLY don't care. I don't care what's on the runways, I don't care what my friends wear, I don't care if you like my neon now, and I don't care if you liked my Day-Glo spandex dress in 1987.

Actually, what I'm wearing today is from 1987 too...it's vintage neon...so if you think I'm following some sort of current neon trend, you couldn't be more mistaken. By the time a trend catches speed, I'm already onto the next thing. I was raving while you were still listening to Jewel, while you were wearing bootleg jeans, I was cutting slits up the side of my pants to make bell bottoms. I drank bubble tea while you sipped hot chocolate, and when you were grown enough to move onto coffee, I was already onto coke. Yes that coke. I don't give a fuck about anything that most people think is necessary...convention doesn't apply to me and yeah, I'm loud about it. I blow my nose with paper towel, my dog's name is Cat, and Kirsten Dunst is my favorite actress.

Ok I'm done here, I've gotta re-apply my black lip liner before I go get my rollerblades flixed.

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Disclaimer: If you are a blogger who has been featured on this, or any Bloggers Wear any post, please know it is with respectful sarcasm that I post and poke fun at you and your garments. All is fair in love and blogging. Peace out.

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Cleon said...

TOTALLY CLASSIC!! This might be my favorite one Mihal. Almost feel the need to print it out and frame it. I would quote the whole damn thing honestly, but I think this sums it up, "I don't give a fuck about anything that most people think is necessary" - perfect line.