sometimes we do this

He met me for dinner fresh off a plane from LA, where he's been living the last few weeks. Despite hardly communicating on this day (save a few dinner logistics texts), and despite his recent warm LA climate (and my winter(ish) NY one) - my best friend Dushane and I still encountered one another dressed like this:

In case you're a dummy, I'll walk you through the alterna-matchiness of these outfits. Observe:

- My camo jacket and his camo pants
- His leather jacket and my "leather" pants (my pants are actually really heavily waxed denim, but they look like leather)
- Matching denim button-down shirts under cardigans (my cardigan not visible in this photo)
- Matching black boots
- Topped off with a beanie

We usually have very similar dressing vibes, but I felt this was one to document and share.


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