trousers gone slouchy

Well it's no secret that this season's NYFW didn't thrill me. I inadvertantly ended up skipping more shows than I attended, most likely irritating more than a few publicists (sorry, guys). The fashion scene was blah, the parties were snoozy, the clothes were meh... 

BUT!!! But...I'm very happy to report that there was one thing that stood out as awesome. SLOUCHY TROUSERS. Baggy. Relaxed. Loosy goosy to the max. I put together my favorite ones below (all pics taken by me at shows that I actually did make it to). 

(Upper left & lower right: Vivienne Tam. Upper right: Dennis Basso. The rest: Sally LaPointe)

For shorter girls like me (I'm 5'6"), these kind of trousers usually call for heels - it's a good idea to elongate as much as possible to offset the bulk of the pants. This sucks for me because I have a horrible, horrible back - but for most girls it's a fun opportunity to pair femme with masculine. Soooo, kudos to you guys.

Let's have fun with this one, eh? A gem of a "trend" in a sea of who cares.

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