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Ok so...something has shifted in the New York Fashion Week scene - and I have this nagging suspicion that we're now at the point of no return.

Chairs that used to throne editors and industry titans now cushion the boney asses of overpaid (and over-endorsed) bloggers. The Chanel skirt suits and click-clacking classic pumps, formerly donned by the upper echelons of fashion and pop-culture goddesses, have been replaced by boys in pink tutus, blonde wigs, and heinous knockoff Louboutins.

This season, the guests at NYFW bear a striking resemblance to high school seniors at a college frat party; all of the upperclassmen shaking their heads in the corner, while the reckless teenagers are too drunk to notice. 

Is Fashion Week in NYC eternally doomed to suffer the tackiness and costuminess once reserved for suburban shopping malls and the Halloween-Day parade? Is there any way to reconcile the blogger-takeover with the golden age of class and exclusivity? 

It would appear that publicists are simply bribing bloggers - inviting them to their 4th rows in exchange for superficial and thoughtless rave reviews (and tweets and Instagram photos and Tumblr thingies and...). Will they ever tire of this so-called "mass exposure" and exchange quantity for quality? 

I don't have answers to all of these rhetoricals yet, but I will say this: people who are currently taking one giant step back from this circus have the right idea - and at some point, a counter-movement in fashion (that's super inspiring and creative) will emerge from it. 

Or not... 

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