adventures in PR emails

Last week I got an email from A-list PR (who's that?) with an invite (kind of) to an Apple Bottoms Charity Fashion Show (the jeans?) - yes, the jeans. 

The show was to benefit Haiti (ok cool) and, at the same time, "EMPOWER women with curves & show them in a positive light" (what's that now?). Alright so maybe the mission statement needed a bit of work...whatever. Here's the promo pic in case you're curious:

There's more! If you want to attend the benefit as a "blogger", you can pay $15 (just half price!) and buy yourself the following:
  • Sit in our bloggers row/ VIP Row (value of $40)
  • Receive a gift bag of goodies from our sponsors
  • Join us on our RED CARPET
  • Get mentioned on our site and online press releases as a sponsor
  • Get mentioned on our twitter blast (we have over 20k followers)
  • and more...
So now rebuilding Haiti and empowering women are secondary, and it's all about getting to sit in the blogger row, receiving goodies and walking a red carpet...for just $15!! Oh wait, um...you also have to whore yourself out to the internet, any followers you have, and not put your phone down - even for a second - at the event. Here are the requirements.
  1. Blog about our event (you can feel free to copy & paste our press release) a PRE-POST
  2. Agree to tweet and update your statuses DURING the event
  3. Agree to have a phone capable of uploading pictures of the event DURING the event on twitter, FB, etc...
Dear A-list PR, 
You are trippin. 
Love, Mihal

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JINNA YANG said...

LOL wowwww they are definitely trippin!
this is absolutely disgusting lol
I swear I get the most ridiculous press releases too - agh, vomit.

<3 xo