this thing...

For my third installment of "this thing" (see the first HERE and second HERE) - I've got this vintage suede cape/poncho/frock thing to share with you guys. I bought it in a country western vintage store in Oregon for $35, then I had to have arm slits tailored so I could actually function as a human being.

 (Pardon the use of photobooth in that first pic, if you're new to the blog you should know I'm horrible at taking my own picture...actually I'm horrible at other people taking my picture too...damn.)

Yes, those ovals in the front are actually meant for one's arms to go through...but using them gave me a mean case of the kangaroo arms:

If I didn't use the weird kangaroo-arm-slits and just kept my arms at my side, It was kind of suit-of-armor-like. I couldn't move my arms up or down because they were covered by fabric, and the suede was so rigid I couldn't even bring them up from underneath. I kept picturing trying to swipe a metrocard, and it became very problematic in my mind.

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Cleon said...

You should have kept it original Mihal. Kangaroo-arm-slits are trending.