this thing...

I did a "this thing..." post a couple of weeks ago with a vintage corset/bra/shirt purchase. I suppose it's what comes to mind when dealing with thrifted/vintage/antique things...they never quite fit into one category.

I bought this necklace/pendant/antique on ebay and it's a fossilized horse tooth that was recovered in the Gorge River in Florida, strung onto a piece of leather. At least that's what they tell me...

It's really heavy and smells like a dead horse's mouth (I kid...). It's big, bigger than my middle finger, and it sits right above my belly button when I have the leather band extended all the way out.

The seller has all antiques, like clay pipes, necklaces clad with buffalo teeth, a turtle shell pendant, etc. Not to give away my tricks of the trade or anything, but if your interest is piqued and you're inclined toward weird shit, visit his ebay sit here.

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